ABOX Garment Steamer 2020
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ABOX Garment Steamer Reviews

Garment steamers are easy to use, portable and have a less demanding way of ironing. The ABOX Garment Steamer is such a steamer. Its lightweight easy to maneuver and you can easily blast away wrinkles your garments even when they are on the hanger.

To make the task easy for you, in this in-depth review, we share with you the ABOX Garment Steamer which will provide you with the confidence in keeping your clothes wrinkle-free whether you are on the move or at home.

This out of the box, ready to steam iron has all the features of a top of the line steamer, just cheaper. It is a steamer which already made hundreds of customers happy and you can be part of that experience. Without any further due let’s look at what this portable steam iron can do for you and your clothes.

ABOX Garment Steamer Reviews
ABOX Garment Steamer Reviews

Features: ABOX Clothes Steamer

  • Ceramic soleplate with thermostat technology
  • Powerful and efficient
  • water tank
  • Triple automation
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Suitable for any fabrics
  • Flat and hanging ironing
  • Dry and steam ironing


Ceramic soleplate with thermostat technology

Unlike traditional a steam iron that can easily burn your expensive clothing, ABOX Steam Iron is equipped with a quality ceramic soleplate and adopts thermostatic technology, it will never burn or scorch your clothing even if it is placed on it for long periods of time on your clothes. This garment steamer will refresh and sanitize all types of clothes in no time.


Powerful and efficient

With the powerful 1300 Watt the ABOX Garment Steamer has a quick heat up time of just 40 seconds so you can start your steaming process faster. Steamers are mostly preferred by business people who is mostly on the go or seamstresses. This makes good sense because these types of appliances is easy to handle and can be stored away in your suitcase.


100Ml. detachable water tank

The detachable water tank makes this model lightweight and easy to refill when water is needed for steaming. And with the 100ml. detachable water tank you’ll get 7 minutes of uninterrupted steaming. The tank is also transparent to see how much water is left in the reservoir.

Never overfill the water tank; it can lead to water spills.


Triple automation

Experience fast and effective steam results with the triple automation technology for deep penetration of steam into fabrics. This helps looses stubborn wrinkles on any type of clothing.


Portable and lightweight

Traditional irons like the Rowenta Everlast and the Sunbeam Turbo Steam Iron can be seen as stationary steam irons. There for it is not lightweight and portable like the ABOX Clothes Steamer. This portable garment steamer has a weight of 1.4 lbs portable with a Size of 6.22 * 2.67* 5.04 inches. This reduces the possibility of getting any and fatigue when using this clothes steamer for extended periods of time.


Suitable for any type of fabric

With all the types of steam irons on the market not all is Clothes steamer 2020 manufactured for any type of materials. A steamer on the other hand, is suitable to perform its duties on any type of garment. The ABOX garment steamer has a unique automatic temperature control setting. This setting can be set to a maximum of 150 degrees to accommodate fabrics like, cotton, wool, polyester, fiber, nylon and velvet.  It can also be used to steam out bad smells from lounge suits, toys, etc.


Flat and hanging ironing

The ABOX Clothes Steamer makes it possible for you to use this steamer on flat laying and hanging garments or drapes. Manufactured with an enameled ceramic soleplate provided you with the effortless slide across any fabric.


Dry and steam ironing

Use this portable steamer for both dry and steam ironing, with excellent results in a fast and effect way. The ABOX Garment Steamer has a steam output of 15ml/min. perfect for removing stubborn wrinkles and sanitizing any type of fabric in no time.



  • Supports flat/hanging/steam/dry Ironing.
  • 40s quick preheating, portable and lightweight.
  • Thermostatic technology, won’t burn your clothes.
  • Enameled ceramic soleplate slides effortlessly across all fabrics.
  • Supports 5-7 minutes of uninterrupted steaming.


  • Works only in North American areas
  • Some customers complain about water leaks


Some Useful Tips for You When Using ABOX Garment Steam Iron

  1. For stubborn wrinkles, it’s suggested to use steam ironing for better effects.
  2. No extra ironing board needed, you can iron anywhere and anytime.
  3. For your clean garments, the pure water is highly recommended.
  4. When the water runs out, you can still keep on dry ironing.
  5. It won’t wet or burn your clothes when ironing.
  6. It is suitable for a variety of fabrics including cotton, wool, polyester, plush, silk, fiber, nylon, velvet and linen.



The ABOX Garment Steamer comes with some minor flaws but the overall results you get from this cheap garment cheaper are worth every penny spent. Clothes steamers like iSteam Steamer and the one we’ve discussed in this review is definitely on the rise so why wait when you can get your steamer from a trusted retailer and enjoy the benefits of steaming your clothes.

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