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BEAUTURAL Dual Voltage Travel Steamer Review

Garment steamers like the BEAUTURAL Dual Voltage Travel Steamer can be a real lifesaver, especially if you do a lot of travel for business. They are fairly lightweight and portable and able to heat up swiftly, so you can release the wrinkles in your garments in no time at all.

Of course, steamers also have the added benefit of being able to sanitize your garments, as they use heat that is hot enough to kill germs, dust mites and even bed bugs.

So whether at home or on the go, you’ll love how easy the BEAUTURAL Dual Voltage Travel Steamer for Clothes is to store when not in use.

BEAUTURAL Dual Voltage Travel Steamer for Clothes
BEAUTURAL Dual Voltage Travel Steamer for Clothes

BEAUTURAL Handheld Garment Steamer Overview


  • Versatile dual-voltage design
  • Easily portable
  • Stainless-steel steam head
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Pump-steam technology


Versatile dual-voltage design

This is a powerful 1000-watt handheld travel steamer with versatile dual-voltage design (100-240V) for worldwide utilization without a huge converter.With a compact adapter, you can enjoy it all over the world.

Versatile dual-voltage design

You can also purchase the HOMZ Helping Clips Steaming Hanger as it facilitates the steaming process by making it quicker and easier.


Easily portable

The foldable steam head design enables effortless packing and storing, meaning you’ll always have great looking clothes on business trips, vacations, or any other time you’re away from home.

You can even de-wrinkle your clothes quickly, safely and gently anywhere, any time with the storage bag included.

compact size design

The vast majority of the reviewers have positive feedback about this garment steamer. While the few negative reviews mainly focus on the occasional defective unit.

Most admit that the customer followed up and delivered excellent service afterward making the situation better.


Stainless-steel steam head

The BEAUTURAL Dual Voltage Travel Steamer for Clothes is the most powerful handheld garment steamer available.

Stainless-steel steam head

Heating up to 257°F in only 40 seconds, the stainless steel steam head is better for smoothing and de-wrinkling any garment swiftly and effectively including upholstery, bedding, tablecloths and more and it includes a lint brush and soft brush.


Automatic shut-off

The unique leak-proof design enables the ironing of clothes even when laid flat, unlike competing steamers that only can steam hanging clothes.

Like the BEAUTURAL Steam Iron the their handheld steamers automatically shuts off when over-heated or after 8 minutes of inactivity and it suitable for a variety of fabrics including cotton, wool, polyester, plush, silk, fiber, nylon, velvet and linen.


Pump-steam technology

The handheld garment steamer is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to utilize and its foldable head design allows for easy packing and storing.

features of the BEAUTURAL Dual Voltage Travel Steamer

Pump-steam technology enables for the steam of clothes hanging vertically or lying flat, all without any leaking or spilling.

The normal 100ml water tank is compact and ideal for taking along to steam while traveling. The large 200ml tank is a bonus accessory and enables longer steaming at home with less need for refilling.

Pros & Cons

  • Suitable for a variety of fabrics
  • Foldable head
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Fast heat up time
  • Tend to break easily



The BEAUTURAL Dual Voltage Travel Steamer for Clothes can handle just about anything you can throw at it. Even if you’re at home and facing a mountain of garments that require steaming, this steamer can add a lot of horsepower to your ironing process, giving the same portability and mobility as if you were on the go.

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