Best Garment Steaming Mitt 2020

Best Garment Steaming Mitt in 2020

Heat-resistant gloves or a Garment Steaming Mitt are work gloves created to protect workers’ hands from burns or other injuries that can result from coming into contact with extremely hot objects, working near sparks or flames, or from being exposed to high temperatures in the workplace.

Since the severity of heat hazards can vary from low to extreme depending on the application or industry, certain heat-resistant gloves are better suited to some workplaces over others like the Conair Complete Care Protective Garment Steaming Mitt.

Garment Steaming Mitt Review

Garment Steaming Mitt

Conair Heat-Resistant Gloves Review


  • Finger strap
  • Insulated fabric
  • For all fabric
  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy padding


Finger strap

The Conair Protective Heat-Resistant Gloves creates a robust backing while steaming for professional results. The finger strap keeps your hand in place and the steam-resistant pad safeguards hands and wrists from hot steam and it includes a convenient loop for hanging.


Insulated fabric

You can now protect your hand from heat while steaming garments with a Complete CARE Protective Garment Steaming Mitt. The heavy cotton, polyester fabric is insulated against steam penetration and offers firm backing for premium results.


For all fabrics

This product protects hands and wrists from the hot temperatures put out by the garment steamer. It may be used on either your right or left hand and can be used with all fabrics.



This really is inexpensive steam iron accessory which helps agianst protection of steam burns, which can and do happen, no matter how experienced or careful you may be.


Sturdy padding

We like the design of this protective mitt, as it has a mesh back where you place your hand and the padding is quite firm, so it doubles as a backing when you are steaming. It’s particularly useful when steaming collars, cuffs and also sleeves.



  1. Use caution when utilizing this pad with your Conair garment steamer, as surface may get hot. Hot steam can cause burns and injuries.
  2. Make sure your hand is fully protected and the steam from the garment steamer does not reach the sides of your hand or wrist where there is no protection from the mitt.
  3. Utilize this pad only for its intended use as described above.
  4. Do not hold hand in front or behind the steam.
  5. Do not place the clothes steamer’s steam nozzle directly on any surface.
  6. Burns could occur from accidentally touching hot parts, hot water, or steam from a garment steamer. Always position steamer the head away from you and any other person when turning it on.
  7. When emitting steam, a garment steamer may cause burns if it is being used too close to the skin or eyes, or if it used incorrectly. To minimize the risk of contact with hot water emitting from the steam vents, test appliance before use by holding it away from the body.



  • Protects hand and wrist while steaming
  • Heavy cotton/polyester fabric has insulating properties to prevent penetration of steam
  • Creates a firm backing while steaming for professional results
  • Finger strap for easy handling


  • Complaints of it being too clumsy



When it comes to selecting the best heat-resistant gloves for the job, all factors are important. For example, the temperature of the object will determine what type of fiber is needed.

If having a full range of movement in your hands is required for getting the job done, you won’t want to be wearing a glove that offers excellent heat protection but is extremely bulky and hard to maneuver in.

So be careful when making your decision but be sure to keep the Conair Complete Care Protective Garment Steaming Mitt in mind.

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