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Best Euro Steam Iron 2020 Reviews

Today we are going to have an in-depth review of the Eurosteam Next Generation Iron. You will be so thrilled about this iron. You maybe have a regular iron just for ironing clothes but noticed that your outdated ironing is not producing as much heat as before. With the Euro Steam Iron, you’ll be sold right away. For using this iron for a month or 2 you will start to see the benefits of using this Next Generation Iron.

We will look at the features, pros, and cons in this Euro Steam Iron Reviews post so you can make an informed decision before spending your hard-earned money.

Best Euro Steam Iron Reviews

Best Euro Steam Iron Reviews

Features of the Eurosteam 1000 Watt Steam Iron

  • 1000 Watt
  • 6 Feet long cord
  • Extra-large water tank
  • Burst of steam
  • Stone glide soleplate

Recommended Steam Irons To Choose From

Sunbeam Steammaster Steam IronProfessional Grade 1700W Steam IronT-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Steam IronRowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron

1400 Watts of power
Large stainless steel nonstick soleplate
Large water tank
3-Way Motion Smart auto-off
Self-clean system

1700-Watts of Power
3-Way shut off system
Axail steam holes
Thick chromium finish soleplate
Perfect for sewers, quilters and crafters.

Ceramic soleplate
1725 W. of power
3-Way auto-off
Hassle free cord
Dual self-cleaning technology
Powerful burst of steam

Stainless steel soleplate with precision tip
400+ Steam holes
Easy control thermostst knob
Automatic 3-way shut off system
Made in Germany
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1000 Watt of Power

The Euro Steam Iron can generate a maximum power of 1000 Watt to quickly built-up steam to prevent the unit from dripping.

6-Feet Cord

This gives you the freedom to move around the ironing board without obstruction.

Extra-large water tank

This will help you reduce the time to spend filling the tank with water. Cutting your ironing tasks in half.

Burst of steam

With the extra burst of steam, you can easily remove stubborn wrinkles from fabrics.

Stone glide soleplate

This Stone Glide Soleplate is easy to maintain, durable and scratch-resistant. With the Euro Steam Iron Stone Glide Soleplate, you will be able to glide smoothly over fabrics for fast and effective ironing.



  • Instruction booklet
  • DVD
  • O-Rings
  • Water tank cap
  • Measuring cup
  • Rubber mat


How to use the Euro-Pro Steam Generator Iron

This iron ((Eurosteam Next Generation Iron) itself is very simple to use. There is an on/off switch at the back. When the red light is on it shows that you can start ironing. You can use regular tap water. When you’re done make sure to empty the tank. You don’t want to let the water sitting for long periods of time without using the iron.

There is a dial on top which you can use for the use of steam. Thisbest eurosteam 1000 watt steam iron steam function comes with different levels. The higher the level the more steam it will produce. You can also use this steam function continuously while you’re pressing. The more you use this feature the more frequently you will have to refill the water tank.

Steamers like the Rowenta Steam Station is frequently used by quilters because of the tremendous steam pressure it produces.

You will also see a little red button on top which is called the burst of a steam button. That will give you a burst of steam. With the use of the burst of steam, you will not use the water in the tank so quickly.

With the automatic temperature setting the Eurosteam 1000 Watt steam iron will never scorch your fabric. You don’t have to worry about manually set the temperature for each type of fabric you are using. You can use this feature on any type of fabric, putting the guesswork out of ironing.

This steam boiler iron comes both with an instruction booklet and DVD so you can easily follow the Eurosteam Iron cleaning instructions to prolong the lifespan of this iron.



  • 1000 Watt of power
  • Can be used vertically and horizontally
  • It will never scorch your clothes
  • Extra-long electric cord
  • Continuous steam function
  • Ceramic soleplate
  • 1 Year limited manufacturer’s warranty



  • Very expensive
  • No auto-off functions


The Eurosteam Steam Iron will make your ironing task easier and faster. It features a compact design with a built-in boiler system, while most regular steam irons have a large separate/removable water tank. This iron like the Rowenta Pro Master can be used vertically, horizontally and can even be used on both dry and steam ironing projects. This model has the ability to iron through 10 layers of fabric. Eurosteam is a one temperature iron that will iron out the most stubborn wrinkles on your heaviest fabric and take out the slightest wrinkles on your most delicate silks and satins. Eurosteam is a necessity for every quilter and home user.

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