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Best Flat Iron for Relaxed Hair Review – Solofish Flat Iron and Hair Straightener

Purchasing the Best Flat Iron for Relaxed Hair might be more complicated than it looks. With all the new kinds of flat irons ranging from extremely cheaply-made to the ridiculously expensive, which one should you buy? Selecting a flat iron is not a decision that should be taken lightly. A cheap iron may work just as well as an expensive one in straightening the hair but they might do unseen and irreparable damage to your hair.

Flat irons have a variation of features on them and it is just a question of selecting one with the most important features necessary for both getting the smooth results you want as well as keeping your hair healthy.

Relaxed ladies don’t typically think that heat damage applies to them because unlike with natural hair, you are not immediately able to see evidence of the damage.

But this is totally wrong and in fact relaxed hair is actually more prone to heat damage having been through the harsh chemical process of a relaxer.

When you are flat ironing relaxed hair your are adding additional heat to hair that has already lost some of its innate strength and is also more porous than natural hair. This is why we are reviewing the best flat iron for relaxed hair.

Solofish Flat Iron Review

Best Flat Iron for Relaxed Hair Review

Best Flat Iron for Relaxed Hair


  • Steam Technology
  • Ceramic Heating Plate
  • Easy to Use
  • Time Saving
  • Smart Design


Steam Technology

It is created with the latest steam function. Its water tank can be effortlessly filled with water and oil-free care substances. It consists of hair spray with negative ions. It also features an optional steam system and comes with a detachable water reservoir.

solofish steam prevents high temperature

Ceramic heating plate

This device is a professional salon ceramic tourmaline flat iron with vapor. It definitely heats up evenly and steadily. It has a swivel cord and lockable plates for those who travel often. It also features 6 modes for dry and wet hair.

The Solofish steam flat iron features a 1.5-inch ceramic plate that 6 adjustable temperature levelsnot only protects your hair, but the wide plates also speed up the process of hair styling. The feature is quite helpful for those who are in a hurry and users can get gorgeous straight locks without spending too much time in front of the mirror.


Easy to use

It is effortless to utilize and saves time due to its dual PTC heater making it heat up in one minute and is available in the black color. This appliance from Solofish completely straightens your hair from inside out.

The infrared heat, heats hair from the inside out enabling less heat damage to the outer surface of the hair shaft, which is more fragile. It also generates negative ions which enables you to prevent your hair from external or internal damage.


Time saving

This device also has an LCD to show the user the temperature it is set at. The heat setting range from 300-450 degrees so that by setting this appliance according to your hair type, you can get a perfect straightened look with one glide of this iron.


Smart design

It helps to add moisture and gloss to the hair and minimizes hair damage. It automatically shuts off after 60 minutes of non-use. A 360-degrees swivel cord, as well as a firm grip handle, makes this flat iron extremely effortless to use. People love this product, but some have complained about it being leaky.



  • It use steam technology to heat the tool
  • This flat iron is made-up of ceramic heating plates
  • Heats up on minutes thanks to the PTC heater
  • Automatic shut-off after 60 minutes
  • 360 degree swivel cord
  • Lockable plates for traveling


  • May leak hot water



When utilizing a flat iron, ensure that you keep your hair well moisturized and nourished to prevent extensive hair damage. Remember that your flat iron applies a lot of heat to your hair, so avoid utilizing it too often or it may damage your hair.

If you have to use it regularly absolutely, get a protein hair mask done at least once a week and keep your hair well-nourished so that your hair can enjoy the sleek luxury of the best flat iron for relaxed hair, without getting frizzy or damaged hair.

After your first initial flat iron process abstains from flat ironing your hair again for the entire week. Overusing the appliance adds too much heat to your hair and can cause it to easily damage and break off. To make the look last longer wrap the hair every each night and comb down the next morning.

Making use of these tips can help you maintain your healthy hair while looking fabulous with your flatiron style.

Having considered the best flat iron for relaxed hair, are you now ready to purchase? Get the ideal iron for you and get the glossy, flowing tresses you’ve always wanted.

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