Best Flat Iron for Wet and Dry Hair Reviews
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Best Flat Iron for Wet and Dry Hair Reviews

When you are looking for the Best Flat Iron for Wet and Dry Hair, you will likely come across so many different options.

If you do not know what you are looking for and do not know the best hair straightener for what you want to require, you will likely be confused by all of the flat irons out there.

You can look around everywhere, but on many sites you will have to look in great detail at a variety of straighteners that are available to you. Therefore we are going to talk about the best steam flat iron for both wet and dry hair.

HAI Beauty Concepts new technology  Steam Infusion, a breakthrough steam straightening iron that emits a continuous flow of steam which delivers conditioning treatments into the hair- the result hair that’s incredibly soft and shiny, with natural fluid movement.

The HAI Gold Convertable Professional Flat Iron is invariably created with the steam infusion technology that helps towards releasing the continuous flow of heat. Moreover, it works on all hair types to give you excellent styling solutions.

HAI Professional Flat Iron Review
Best Flat Iron for Wet and Dry Hair ReviewsBest Flat Iron for Wet and Dry Hair


  • High Continuous Steam Flow
  • Variable Temperatures
  • Auto-Shut Off
  • Double Technology Plates
  • Steam infusion
  • Durable and Lightweight


High continuous steam flow

A constant quantity of steam is supplied along the whole length of the hair section, from the root area to the ends. That doesn’t really come as a surprise, since it’s a flat iron with steam is known for providing a continuous steam flow.


Variable temperatures

This appliance features a thermostat with 5 settings from 250°F- 410°F to suit different hair types and different degrees of hair sensitivity. The temperature controller goes up to 450 degrees which is the temperature level utilized to burn paper. Moreover, it comes with a removable comb that can help you to detangle your hair prior to or while straightening it.


Removable comb

It consists of a removable separating comb for positioning the hair before entering the plates and for even, consistent straightening. Many types of hair, including thick hair and coarse hair, can be quite troublesome to comb through after you have straighten them. You will want the attachable comb to be secured onto the straightener.


Double technology plates

This styling tool is highly anodized coating for optimal shine. Floating plates offers uniform pressure on sections of the hair, regardless of thickness.

The biggest problem that people experienced with this straightenerBest HAI Flat Iron is that it was not completely even when they were doing their hair. It’s recommended that if you have thick hair to utilize this iron because the high steam heat will be able to penetrate your hair to tame it.

The iron has double technology plates which ensure that the steam reaches your hair from the root to the tip to provide you with a sleek look. As well as, it allows your hair to be shiny and moisturized from the steam.


Steam infusion

Steam Infusion enables you to have smooth shiny straight results on all types of hair. Its continuous high pressure steam integrated with treatments allows deeper penetration of active ingredients – giving long lasting conditioning.


Corded flat iron

Naturally curly hair can go straight within minutes even in places with high humidity when making use of this iron, and it helps to seal hair’s moisture as well. However, it does not come with a cord, though.


Why Tri-Diamond Ceramic?

Exclusively made by HAI, Tri-Diamond Ceramic couples premium Tourmaline technology with a “diamond glitter” coating that has all the benefits of Teflon with zero toxic or harmful emissions. It provides the ultimate damage-free professional performance experience while delivering salon-quality results.


The Gold Standard

The Gold Convertable HAI Flat Iron delivers effortless performance for the ultimate styling experience, the Gold Convertable is designed with innovative Tri-Diamond Ceramic Plates for healthier hair.



  • Hair is silky and shiny after one use
  • Continuously releasing high pressure steam
  • Features a steam infusion
  • Battery-operated device


  • You can only go in one direction that’s down
  • Might be too big and bulky for some



As with any flat iron, it’s important to consider the plate materials. The main types you’ll come across are ceramic, titanium and tourmaline. You’ll also find a combination of these together in some appliances, most commonly ceramic and tourmaline.

Everyone has bad hair days, and at such times, we typically turn to hair tools to help manage our hair. Flat irons are essentially a go-to tool for many. But it is crucial to invest in a product that will not damage your hair or burn you in the process.

If you haven’t had much success with a traditional flat iron or find your hair to be extremely dry and brittle, you might be the right candidate for this straighterner for wet and dry hair.

Those with wavy, coarse hair generally find the steam vapor to be an excellent way to get smooth, soft tresses.

The HAI Gold Convertable Professional Flat Iron is certainly the best steam flat iron for wet and dry hair that makes hair soft, shiny and healthy and that too without damaging the hair cuticles. Therefore, it is a highly recommended product for maintaining healthy and shiny hair.

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