Garment Steamer Ironing Gloves

Best Garment Steamer Ironing Gloves 2020

Burns are one of the most common injuries when steaming garments. Protect yourself with the Best Garment Steamer Ironing Gloves ideal for steam (like steam irons) and other hot water applications.

Featuring a rough texture for additional grip, and flexible material to enhance dexterity, these gloves will save you a lot of time when you aren’t worrying about burning your skin off—it’s the little things after all.

You can use the Garment Steamer Ironing Gloves on your hands by not holding the steamer head to protect yourself and be more effective with your steaming. Tingtio steam mitt gloves offer extra protection from steam while using a garment steamer. Adopt high efficiency heat protection and steam proof material and also protect your hands from being scalded by the steam.

Garment Steamer Ironing Gloves Mitt
Garment Steamer Ironing Gloves Mitt

Tingtio Protective Ironing Gloves Overview


  • Triple layer heat insulation
  • Waterproof and steam protection
  • Lightweight
  • Fits on both hands
  • Designed for all steam irons
  • Heat resistant


Triple layer heat insulation

This triple layer heat insulation and outer layer of this steamer gloves has a professional anti ironing insulation cloth with aluminum ceramic heat insulation coating, the interlayer is EPE insulated pearl cotton, and the inner layer is durable nylon. Insulate the heat effectively to prohibit steam from burning your hands.


Waterproof and steam protection

Tingtio anti steam gloves are designed from waterproof cloth and insulating fabric to prevent penetration of steam, shielding your hand, wrist and forearm from hot steam. The Garment Steamer Ironing Gloves keeps your hands dry all the time.



This product is just 15g weight and 4mm thickness, much lighter than ordinary ironing gloves, and more flexible to use.


Fits on both hands

This ironing glove can be used on both your left as well as your right hand. The glove is also placed into a steamer at time increments based on the type of leather. The heat loosens the leather and laces, while the steam infuses the glove with water molecules, making it more malleable at key break-in points.


Designed for all steam irons

It is specially designed for all steam irons only such as fabric steamer, garment steamer, handheld garment steamer, travel garment steamers, standing fabric steamer etc. The quality is guaranteed by at least 3 months warranty.


Heat resistant

The heat resistant waterproof design helps your hands from hot steam; prevent your hands from getting burnt. Lightweight and thin, flexible and comfortable when you move, and ironing clothes or other fabrics, will not slow you down.


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Insulating fabric
  • Easy to use


  • Complaints of the gloves being too large



The Garment Steamer Ironing Gloves on your free hand won’t impede you enough to render it ineffective for you to do your steaming, even if it’s a mitt without the fingers and just the thumb.

We would even say it enhances your ability to steam because you don’t have to worry about burning your hand in the back of your mind, or be careful where you put it to get to certain spots to get steamed and take out the wrinkles.

You just go for what you see, in any way you think can work to hold the clothes and place the steam head, and do it.

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