Gravity Feed Steam Iron Review
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Best Gravity Feed Steam Iron Review

Gravity feed steam iron systems are popular with design studios, tailors, and tailoring shops. The beauty of these irons lies in their design – the water tank is independent of the iron, and is typically suspended from a hook at least 3 feet high.

The water thus flows continually into the iron providing the user with continuous steam. The best gravity feed steam iron is in popular need for commercial or large homes use, for it effectively removes the wrinkles on the clothes.

Various types of industrial steam irons can be found on the market, including the industrial press, generator iron, and steam iron box, etc. In this article, we will help you find the best gravity feed steam iron that may suit your needs. Below is our review of the Complete KIT – Sapporo SP527 Gravity Feed Bottle Steam Ironing System.

Gravity Feed Steam Iron ReviewGravity Feed Steam Iron Review

Sapporo SP527 Gravity Feed Bottle Steam Ironing System Overview


  • Soft touch switch
  • Built-in heater
  • Separate water bottle
  • Voluminous steam
  • Comfortable, sleek design
  • Demineralizer cartridges


Soft touch switch

First, the Sapporo demineralizer gets rid of the hassle of purchasing distilled water for ironing. You just have to hang up the water tank, fill it with tap water, utilize the soft-touch switch to release steam when you need it and demineralize frequently.


Built-in heater

Inside the Sapporo SP527 is a built-in heater that shortens its heating time and enhances its thermal efficiency. You are therefore assured of lots of steam to work on pleats, darts, pockets, etc, as well as just enough steam for delicate materials.


Separate water bottle

Gravity Feed Steam Iron water bottle

The Sapporo Gravity Feed Steam Iron is a self-contained ironing system that does not need a boiler. It makes use of a separate (included) water bottle that must be suspended above your working surface.


Voluminous steam

Utilizing the simplicity of gravity feed to supply the pressure which creates its own very dry, voluminous steam, the Sapporo Gravity Feed Iron effortlessly opens seams, flattens darts, sets pleats instantly, gives sharper creases and more but the voltage is 110 only.


Comfortable, sleek design

The Sapporo Gravity Feed Iron is extremely energy efficient and effortless to maintain. Also, the built-in sheathed wire heater improves thermal efficiency, shortens heating time, and thus provides great economy.

Just pour the included demineralizer into the water container and diminish the requirement for distilled water. It is a rugged product, built to stand up to years of use, is user comfortable and its sleek design enables you to get to those hard-to-reach areas.


Demineralizer cartridges

This kit features two Sapporo in-line demineralizer cartridges and Jacobson’s Magic Glide Ironing Shoe which is light and ideal for ironing taffeta, gabardine, nylon and any synthetic material with no shine or scorch.


Conclusion for Best Gravity Feed Steam Iron Review

A powerful gravity feed iron system can save a prolific seamstress countless appliance replacements. Gravity feed irons are industrial strength and they generate a lot of steam, a lot of heat, and a lot of weight.

A Gravity Feed Steam Iron aren’t for everyone so if you don’t do a lot of sewing, a gravity feed iron may be overkill. But if you want an industrial strength pressing tool, check out the Complete KIT – Sapporo SP527 Gravity Feed Bottle Steam Ironing System.

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