Best Lightweight Steam Iron 2020
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Best Lightweight Steam Iron 2020

As we get older our wrists can no longer take the beating of using a heavy steam iron. This is why you a steam iron that is lightweight, easy to use and best of all affordable. The Utopia Steam Iron is what you need to make your ironing tasks a breeze. This travel steam iron is not just lightweight but features all the bells and whistles of steam irons like the Rowenta Eco Intelligence, Rowenta Advanced and the Rowenta Steam Care.  We can safely say that this appliance is the Best Lightweight Steam Iron that will take care of those stubborn wrinkles. But don’t take my word for it; find out in this review below to see why we’ve chosen the Utopia Steam Iron for your traveling needs.

Experience the wrinkle-effect force of the Utopia Home steam iron with a 2-meter long cord. This unit utilizes 1200 Watts of pressing power, combined with variable steam control settings, the wrinkles disappear like magic. Get an extra boost of steam when using the shot of steam button to blast away stubborn wrinkles. If the boost of steam is not enough, you can utilize the Dual Spray Mist to spray down fabrics, making the ironing process much easier. Most modern-day steam irons are capable of ironing out creases in a vertical position and while the Utopia is a cheap steam iron it doesn’t lack the Vertical Shot of Steam feature.

Best Lightweight Steam Iron
Best Lightweight Steam Iron

Features of Utopia Steam Iron Review

Shot of Steam

A powerful shot of steam penetrates deep into any fabric to blast Utopia Steam Iron Reviewsaway stubborn wrinkles in a few seconds. This can be done by pressing the burst of the steam button and gently move the iron over the garment while the steam gets to work. This feature can be used on garments, linen and other materials hanging in a vertical position. This feature will save you the time of setting up an ironing board. While an ironing board is crucial for your ironing needs we suggest investing a board that is durable, wobble-free and the right size like the Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board with Retractable Iron Rest.


Variable Steam Control

The variable steam control function gives you the ability to control the steam output and set it to the desired level of your choosing. This will help you shorten your time in the ironing process. The Utopia can be used in both dry and wet ironing depending on the type of fabric you work with.


Water Spray

Ironing out wrinkles without water can be a tedious process. This lightweight steam iron comes with a 200 ml water tank which is sufficient to hold and spray the right amount of water to create perfect crisp lines on your garments. This 200ml water tank may need to be refilled frequently which could lead to a loss in time. It also depends on how frequently you use the spray mist.


Non-Stick Stainless Steel Soleplate

The best weapon for any steam iron is a Non-Stick Stainless Steel Soleplate. While even the cheapest steam iron, like the Black+Decker Classic Steam Iron, comes with a stainless steel soleplate this feature can make a lot of difference while ironing. Different steam irons come with different size holes and different amounts of steam holes. The Utopia Steam Iron contains large steam holes to distribute heat evenly throughout the non-stick soleplate.


Travel steam iron


The stainless steel used to manufacture the soleplate helps the user to iron out wrinkles while gliding effortlessly over any type of fabric. This soleplate also has a precision pointed tip to get to into tight spaces and move around buttons without hassle.


Light Indicator plus Flexible Cord

The Utopia steam iron has an integrated light indicator that notifies you when the iron is switched “ON” so that you can carry o with your ironing task or you can switch it “OFF” if not in use. Along with the light indicator, this appliance comes with a 360° swivel cord which provides great flexibility while on the job so that you can have a comfortable ironing experience from any angle.


High pressing power

This lightweight steam iron comes with 1200 watts of pressing power. The importance of adequate power for a steam iron is to generate enough power in a short period of time to prevent water dripping. This will also help you to get ironing quicker.


Ease in use

No matter if you are a novice in ironing this lightweight steam iron is easy and straightforward to use. This doesn’t mean that this iron won’t be able to fulfill your needs. Just look at all the reviews and make an informed decision. This particular iron can be used by almost anyone because everything is straightforward.

Know that you know of all the features of the Best Lightweight Steam Iron it is also crucial that you know about the cons. As you should it is best to make a wise buying decision when looking at both the pros and cons below.



  • Lightweight and excellent for traveling purposes.
  • This steam iron can be used vertically to steam clothes and garments on a hanger or to blast away stubborn wrinkles from curtains and drapes
  • 200 Millimeter water tank makes adequate steam for clothes, drapes, and curtains.
  • Use the Utopia steam iron as a dry iron for delicate fabrics without worrying about damaging your clothing.
  • 360 Degree swivel cord makes it easier to iron or steam vertically without worrying about the cord tangling and gives you the freedom to move around the iron board.
  • Additional features include: an adjustable thermostat control, overheat safety protection, non-stick soleplate, and variable steam control.
  • Cheap and affordable but also easy to use.



  • Lacks the heat that most expensive steam irons generate.
  • Not easy to maintain or clean.


Final Verdict

If you are on a budget and need a steam iron like yesterday we would recommend the Utopia which is the Best Lightweight Steam Iron for Travel or Home Use. There are hundreds of steam irons on the market today which you can choose from but if you looking for a steam iron that can really take the heat we recommend that you read our review of the CHI 13101 Steam Iron.

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