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Best Pressing Cloth For Ironing 2020

A Pressing Cloth for Ironing can be the difference between a well-pressed piece of clothing and a scorched one, therefore it’s crucial to always have one handy. But you don’t have to break the bank or run to the store to get special fabric for ironing.

The LoopsLiving No Melt Pressing Cloth for Easy Ironing and Protection brings you the most practical and premium ironing cloth ever. Heat resistant, thin, see through, roomy, this 100% silk pressing guard is premium in ironing sheets.

Ironing can be a relaxing and soothing task once the worries and stresses of the activity are gone. So stop worrying, start living and enjoying because ironing with this sheet will make you love life one bit more than you already do.

Pressing Cloth for ironing

LoopsLiving No Melt Pressing Cloth

LoopsLiving No Melt Pressing Cloth Review


  • Unmeltable cloth
  • 100 percent silk
  • Glides over fabrics
  • Creates a barrier
  • Protective sheet
  • Durable design
  • Transparent fabric
  • Reuse and washable
  • High melting point


Unmeltable cloth

This unmeltable pressing cloth safeguards your clothes from scorch and shine marks so steam ironing your clothing will no longer be associated with unnecessary anxiety.


100 percent silk

This pressing cloth is created from 100 percent silk to withstand heat and prevent dye transfer to the item being pressed. A pressing cloth can – and should – be utilized with a dry iron or a steam iron. The cloth is large enough that no part of the iron’s soleplate touches the item being ironed.


Glides over fabrics

Making use of a pressing cloth will help you have smoother and more seamless ironing. The pressing cloth will help the steam iron glide over the fabrics you are ironing. Scorching of certain materials may damage the plate of the iron, making it either hard to clean or lose its coating.


Creates a barrier

The pressing cloth is a barrier between the hot iron and your delicate fabrics as it serves as steam iron accessory and somewhat of insulation especially if the iron gets too hot.


Protective sheet

Keep your iron plate in perfect shape as this LoopsLiving No Melt Pressing Cloth for Easy Ironing and Protection will not melt onto your iron as you iron and press. If fact, it won’t melt at all, even when you set your iron to high heat and make use of steam.


Durable design

Thin silky texture enables the heat of the iron through and sturdy fiber weave lends this cloth a great deal of durability. This is sure to last you a lifetime.


Transparent fabric

The sheer see through fabric enables you to see your delicate garments as you iron so you actually see what you’re doing.


Reuse and washable

The ironing cloth is an effortless to use mesh fabric which acts as a barrier between your iron and clothing to protect delicate fabrics and the iron’s soleplate from zips and snags. For maximum convenience, you can reuse and wash the cloth when required.


High melting point

This is a very thin, sheer, plain weave fabric that is made from silk. This sheer fabric is made with fine silk filament yarn and has a high melting point and this fabric is extremely strong and yet very flexible and fluid.

It can stand very high temperatures and translucent enough to be draped nicely to whatever fabric or garments you are ironing.



  • Protects the iron from sticky deposits
  • Protect the iron from scratches
  • Prevent residue buildup
  • Fairly inexpensive


  • May be too thin for some



If you don’t have an ironing cloth handy and are unsure what heat is required to remove creases from a garment, turn the heat down low, iron the garment inside out or use steam alone while pulling on the garment until wrinkles fade away.

If you iron frequently, a LoopsLiving No Melt Pressing Cloth for Easy Ironing and Protection is super handy to have around. If you’re even unsure if a garment can take the direct heat of the iron, turn the heat down and utilize the ironing cloth as an extra safety measure.

Word of warning, the ironing cloth is not an invincible layer that you can leave the steam iron lying face down on. Make sure to still apply basic ironing care and safety to avoid any fire hazards.

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