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Dritz 562 Tailor’s Pressing Ham for Sewing Review

A Tailor’s Pressing Ham for Sewing is one of the wonderful tools we can’t live without. Ok, maybe we could technically live without it but not well; we absolutely rely on it to get good (and professional) results in our sewing and ironing.

If you’re maybe a press-as-you-go sewer (and if you’re not you should be), you’re no doubt familiar with the tailor’s ham. The Dritz 562 Tailor’s Pressing Ham is excellent for pressing any part of a garment that’s curved or needs a curve pressed into it.

Dritz 562 Pressing Ham for Sewing

Dritz 562 Tailor's Pressing Ham for Ironing 

Dritz 562 Tailor’s Pressing Ham Overview


  • 2 different sides
  • Tartan fabric
  • Use on all fabrics
  • Practical aid
  • Durable design
  • Effective pressing tool
  • For hard to reach areas
  • Crisps seams and creases


2 Different sides

This is great for pressing & molding darts, sleeve caps and curved seams. You can press as you sew for a professional finish. The product has two sides for different temperatures.


Tartan fabric

Traditionally the ham is created with a tartan fabric on top and heavy-duty muslin on the bottom pocket area. The pocket enables the user to slip their hand inside and assist in the pressing process.


Use on all fabrics

You can use cotton side for cotton, linen and fabrics requiring medium to high temperatures. WARNING: This product consists of a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.


Practical aid

The tailor’s pressing ham is a practical ironing accessory, which no sewing and craft work fan should go without. Folds in fabric in necklines, waist bands, cuffs, darts or curving seams can quite easily be ironed out so side seams and seam allowances no longer push through.


Durable design

The Dritz 562 Tailor’s Ham, Brown is impressively durable with its high quality workmanship, discretely edged padding and perfectly finished seams. This is really a useful aid, which takes care of the ironing of the finishing touches for every single sewing project.


Effective pressing tool

A tailor’s pressing ham is the first pressing tool you should purchase after your ironing board and iron. Most women’s garments have some sort of curved seam and you’ll require a pressing tool that mimics different body parts.


For hard to reach areas

Since a tailor’s ham is a helpful little cushion that is utilized when pressing curved seams, such as a bust or a hip seam. You can also utilize a tailor’s sausage to slip into a sleeve to press open that hard to reach seam. You can use this tool at any point where your seam won’t lay flat.


Crisps seams and creases

Lastly a tailor’s clapper is a tool that helps you get amazingly crisp, flat pressed seams and creases. To utilize it, you first press your seam with a hot iron and lots of steam.  This traps the heat and steam inside the fabric, making the seam as flat as possible.



  • Handy pressing tool
  • Professional finish
  • For different materials
  • Quality of construction is good


  • Contains wood dust



The Dritz 562 Tailor’s Pressing Ham for Sewing in Brown can be utilized in different ways for both ironing and hand sewing. This is a handy tool that you can easily make yourself or purchase online. Ham’s come in all different sizes and colors so be sure to get yours today.

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