Black and Decker Compact Steam Iron

Black and Decker Compact Steam Iron Reviews

Black and Decker is already a household name throughout the world. The company provides various products from household to industrial products to various sectors of the industry. One of those products for the home user is the Black and Decker Compact Steam Iron. This model already received excellent ratings from customers all around the world.


The BLACK + DECKER Light ‘N Easy Compact Steam Iron gives you perfect results time after time without the hassle of complicated instructions. The heavy-duty technology inside this lightweight steam iron delivers fast, wrinkle-free results. With the help of the patented SmartSteam Technology puts temperature and steam controls in one easy-to-use dial, giving you perfect temperature settings for any type of garment. The nonstick soleplate glides easily over fabrics, while the 3-way auto shutoff provides peace of mind with every user.

Black and Decker Compact Steam Iron Reviews
Black and Decker Compact Steam Iron Reviews

Features of Black and Decker Compact Steam Iron

  • SmartSteam Technology
  • Nonstick Soleplate
  • 3-Way auto-off
  • Cord management
  • Spray mist function
  • Anti-drip
  • Easily fill the water tank
  • Comfort grip handle


SmartSteam Technology

Take the guesswork out of ironing. The SmartSteam technology was specially engineered to give you the optimal soleplate temperature and steam levels for all types of garments in one easy dial. This technology is one of the main selling points of the Black and Decker Compact Steam Iron. And this is why so many people love this steam iron.

Nonstick Soleplate

The nonstick soleplate gives you the confidence to use this iron-on most types of fabrics. A hot soleplate combined with stainless steel can do wonders for ironing. With a combination of all the features within the soleplate, this steam iron can glide smoothly over all fabrics without ripping the garments and leaving smear marks all over.

3-Way Auto Shutoff

For peace of mind, the Black and Decker Compact Steam Iron has been developed with motion-sensitive technology that automatically shuts off the iron if it’s not in use for eight minutes in a vertical position and 30 seconds on the soleplate and sides or even when it is tipped over.

Cord Management

For easy and effective storage this model is designed with an easy Best Black and Decker Steam Iron 2020cord management system. The cord wraps around the heel proving you with the option to secure it with a built-in heel clip or the plug clip.

Spray Mist

The spray mist function is an integrated part of most steam irons like the Black and Decker Advanced Steam Iron. The spray mist button is located on top of the handle with an arrow in the middle. This button when pressed sprays a reasonable amount of water to an allocated part of the garment. This should help release stubborn wrinkles when ironing on that specific location.


The higher temperature an iron can keep the less possible it will be to drip water from the soleplate. This model the Black and Decker Compact Steamer has a maximum temperature level of 1600 watt to prevent dripping. You can expect to start ironing within a few seconds of powering the unit on.

Easy-Fill Water Tank

Easily fill the water tank to desired levels through the large spout at the front of the iron. The Black and Decker Compact Steam Iron can be filled with tap water.

Comfort Grip Handle

A comfort ergonomic handle lets you easily do your ironing tasks for long periods of time without getting hand fatigue. Combined with the lightweight design and comfort grip handle this model streamlines any workload easily and effectively.



  • Auto-Cleaning: Yes
  • Color: Red
  • Sole Plate Material: Stainless Steel
  • Steam Control: Yes
  • Cord Storage: Yes
  • Auto Shutoff: Yes, 3-Way
  • Temperature Settings: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited



  • TrueGlide Nonstick Soleplate – Engineered with an enhanced nonstick soleplate to smoothly glide over any type of fabric.
  • SmartSteam Technology – The SmartSteam Technology automatically optimizes the amount of steam based on the fabric type and temperature you select
  • Anti-Drip – The iron is designed to prevent dripping from the soleplate by closely regulating water temperatures
  • Spray Mist – The push-button mister helps moisten fabrics to quickly smooth away deep wrinkles in a blink of an eye.
  • Automatic Shutoff – For added peace of mind, the iron automatically switches off when left unattended for 30 seconds on its side or soleplate, and after 8 minutes on the heel rest



  • No auto-clean system present
  • No digital temperature controls


Final Verdict

Both the Black and Decker Compact Steam Iron and Black and Decker Classic are inexpensive steam irons. Yet, both are reliable so you can get the best possible ironing experience. To get the most out of your iron make sure to read the Black and Decker Easy Steam Iron Instruction. This will help to prolong the lifespan of your iron.

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