BLACK and DECKER Easy Steam Compact Iron IR40V Review
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Black and Decker Easy Steam Compact Iron IR40V Review

Steam irons are those electric appliances that we cannot do without in our house and even offices. They help make it effortless to prepare iron clothes. There are many devices on the market due to the numerous brands producing them, but only a few brands have become household names. One of these manufacturers is Black and Decker.  They boast with the Black and Decker Easy Steam Compact Iron IR40V which already has thousands of positive reviews of this model.

Black and Decker guarantee the customers get only the best. Some steam irons—like the Black and Decker Easy Steam Compact Iron utilize clever design and smart technology to automatically control temperature and steam output. And some people like it; others don’t. Do you require full control? Then go with a manual iron. Don’t want to think, then let smart tech do it for you. It definitely comes down to personal preference.

If you press clothes, you require a steam iron like the BLACK and DECKER Easy Steam Compact Iron IR40V. Even a basic model, which may lack in certain features, but will go a long way toward keeping your garments looking great.

BLACK and DECKER Easy Steam Compact Iron
BLACK and DECKER Easy Steam Compact Iron


Black & Decker Easy Steam Compact Iron Overview


  • Smartsteam technology
  • 3-way auto shut-off
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Nonstick soleplate
  • Spray mist


Smartsteam technology

This proprietary technology automatically regulates the amount of steam based on the temperature setting to streamline controls for excellent results. If you are searching for Best Steam Iron or Best Black and Decker Iron this one fits the bill perfectly.

This ensures that you are able to exactly release the steam which you require rather than moistening the entire cloth due to excessive steam. You would be able to regulate the steam depending on the temperature setting which you are selecting.


3-way auto shut-off

You can get peace of mind with motion-sensitive technology that automatically shuts off the 1200 watt iron if left inactive on its heel, side or soleplate. You can also wipe the soleplate and outer surfaces with a soft cloth dampened with water.

Black and decker 3 way auto off

Even the Rowenta Iron does not have this feature. This would ensure that you’re not only able to conserve energy but you are able to prohibit accidents as well.


Anti-drip feature

The BLACK+DECKER Easy Steam Compact Iron is engineered to prohibit dripping by maintaining water at the proper temperature needed to generate steam. The design of the steam iron is such that you do not have to worry about the dripping of water at all.

You just have to set it at the right temperature and you would be able to get the steam which you want. It is effortless to move the cord whenever you’re ironing.

It can be moved in a 360 direction which makes sure that it would not disturb you at all when you’re ironing.


Nonstick soleplate

With the help of a nonstick sole-plate, you can be sure that it would slide across any fabric quite effortlessly. Moreover, as you moisten the fabric with the help of steam, moving the iron around would become even simpler.

The enhanced soleplate is created to glide smoothly across all fabric Black and decker Trueglide nonstick soleplate types for ease of use. If your ironing requirements begin and end at keeping a few business casual outfits looking presentable from week to week, the Black+Decker provides everything you need at a low price.

Its soleplate glides smoothly enough to avoid unnecessary frustrations while ironing, the nose is nimble enough to work around most collars and the cordless makes storage swift and effortless.


Spray mist

The steam output gets louder as the level gets low, so you know when you have to fill it up. For difficult creases, there’s a water spray button to spray on the required area. This push-button mister helps moisten garments to tackle and smooth away deep wrinkles.

If you just want to remove the wrinkles from any fabric, it is a much better idea to just utilize the spray mist feature. This ensures that adequate amount of mist is released and you would be able to get rid of the wrinkles with the help of the iron.



  • 3-way auto shutoff
  • SmartSteam technology
  • Easy-to-use nonstick iron
  • Compact design


  • Water reservoir is poorly designed causing leaks



This is one of the best Black+Decker steam irons that make up the top picks. As you can see, by standardizing features we can compare steam irons with relative fairness. Additionally, the BLACK and DECKER Easy Steam Compact Iron IR40V stands as the best choice for a particular type of user.

Keeping this in mind, preference is determined according to specific requirements. With this information, you can select the right iron for your personal as well as family’s needs.

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