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BLACK and DECKER ICR16X Retractable Cord Iron Review

If you are looking for bang for your buck you don’t have to look any further than the BLACK and DECKER ICR16X Retractable Cord Iron. With a large heavy-duty soleplate alongside the excellent steam functions, this Black and Decker iron will glide over all fabrics removing any wrinkles that dare get in its way.

BLACK and DECKER ICR16X Retractable Cord Iron

BLACK+DECKER ICR16X Steam Iron Overview


  • SmartSteam technology
  • TrueGlide soleplate
  • Cord reel
  • Fabric guide
  • Anti drip


SmartSteam technology

This retractable cord reel iron is for anyone looking for a quality, all-purpose iron that can handle anything from laundry, steaming, and pressing to delicate quilting, sewing, and crafting, so you can get the perfect setting every time.


You can select how much steam you’ll require for each job, whether it’s at on the ironing board or vertical on a hanger.

It heats up incredibly swift, can be utilized with and without steam and it’s the perfect medium weight. The heel plate is well balanced so it’s effortless to set down between stitching and pressing.


TrueGlide soleplate

The nonstick soleplate offers a 2x smoother glide on all fabric types so you can blast away tough wrinkles with the steam surge, which also works vertically for steaming drapes and clothes on the hanger.


We love that you get a superior quality, high tech steam iron for a fraction of the price of some leading brands, and we especially love that it does the job so perfectly.

The BLACK and DECKER ICR16X Retractable Cord Iron will switch off after 8 minutes if left inactive but it does not feature a 30 second safety shutoff feature should the iron fall or be left face down.


Cord reel

The spring-loaded cord unreels and retracts swiftly for easy use and storage and you can get peace of mind from motion-sensitive technology that shuts of the iron if it’s not being used.


The iron’s grip is fairly comfortable and the overall ergonomic design makes it effortless to work with.

The angle of the grip is also gentle on the hand and wrist, however this cord reel iron isn’t for the professional ironer who wants control over all of this, it’s for the person who just wants a good iron they can turn on and make use of it without all the faffing.


Fabric guide

You can now find the perfect temperature for all fabric types with the convenient guide printed on the top of the iron.

The large surface area eliminates and creates whatever you require effortlessly and the tapered point enables for more delicate ironing around detailed areas and the soleplate is also easier to clean and maintain.


Anti drip

This feature gets rid of pesky water spotting by properly heating water before it enters the steam chamber and you can push-button controls to make ironing convenient and quick.

The steam output is adjustable using the steam settings and the steam iron provides the perfect amount of steam to suit different fabric types.

You can also utilize the ICR16X iron for vertical steaming of delicate fabrics and drapes as well as to freshen up suits as mentioned before.

Pros & Cons

  • Anti-Drip
  • Vertical Steam Surge
  • Spray Mist
  • 3-Way Auto Shutoff
  • N/A



Honestly, we are more than impressed and happy to recommend this professional steam iron. It outperforms your most optimistic expectations and we love it.

For the price, this BLACK and DECKER ICR16X Retractable Cord Iron is an excellent iron.

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