black andBest decker steam iron with retractable cord Reviews
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Black and Decker ICR19XS Steam Iron with Retractable Cord Reviews

Easily manage your ironing tasks with the Black and Decker  Steam Iron with Retractable Cord. This model is designed to help manage cord hassles while experiencing a fast and effective ironing job. The One Step Steam Iron with Retractable Cord produces the highest quality press while the burst of steam will cut down on ironing time.

From linen and curtain to suits and dresses ironing is simple with the BLACK+DECKER One Step Steam Cord Reel Iron. The new design features the EvenSteam Stainless Soleplate, which distributes steam more evenly from tip to heel for fast ironing.

With Smart Steam Controls, the iron automatically regulates and optimizes steam levels based on the temperature you select for different fabric types. The self-retractable cord makes storage fast and easy with just the press of a button.

As you already know Black and Decker is trusted among millions of customers and their customer base is still growing by the thousands each day. The company which was established in September 1910 Baltimore, Maryland, United States not only manufacture power tools but they are also produce quality steam irons which you can rely on. One of those appliances is the Black and Decker ICR19XS Steam Iron.

Black and Decker ICR19XS Steam Iron ReviewBlack and Decker Steam Iron with Retractable Cord ReviewsBlack and Decker Steam Iron with Retractable Cord

  • Smart steam technology
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Retractable cord
  • Steam surge
  • 3-Way auto off
  • Easy fill water tank
  • Vertical steam

Smart steam technology

Over the course of the decade technology has significantly improved. These improvements can be seen in our cars, our home security systems, in the gym and even small appliances such as steam irons. These improvements make it possible to fast track and streamline our daily tasks.

Black and Decker One Step Steam Iron

The One Step Steam Iron is optimized with the latest smart steam technology to quickly and easily steam out stubborn wrinkles. This steam output is automatically regulated and optimized based on the precise temperature setting you select for the type of fabric you work with.


Stainless steel soleplate

To further enhance you ironing experience this model is manufactured with a stainless steel soleplate so you can be sure to of a smooth glide over any type of garment. The stainless steel material used in producing the soleplate will evenly distribute heat across the soleplate, which reduces the risk of heat build-up in one specific spot.


Retractable cord

Based on customer feedback this feature (retractable cord) saves black and decker retractable cordthem precision time manually rolling up the cord and can safely be stored away without loose hanging cord.

The cord automatically retracts with a touch of a button. This model’s extra long cord automatically extends to the perfect length when ironing.


Surge steam

A powerful burst of steam that penetrates deep into fabrics reduces your ironing time. This burst of steam softens treats deep in the fabric making your time ironing more pleasurable. Steam irons like the Rowenta Steam Station offers continuous steam with a powerful steam burst but is considered a steamer for quilters and business owners.

The Black and Decker Steam Iron with Retractable Cord is a cheap steam iron compared to the Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron. While Black and Decker Advantage Steam Iron come with more features like a digital display they produce almost the same amount of steam burst per second.


3-Way auto off

Integrated into this model is an auto 3-way off system that prevents the unit from scorching your garments while saving on electrical cost and accidents.

The One Step ICR19XS safety feature works on the following basis. If left unattended on its soleplate for 30 seconds or on its heel for 8 minutes the auto-off function will automatically be triggered


Easy to fill water tank

An extra large built-in 320ml. water tank can easily be filled with water through the water nozzle which is located in front of the unit.

The blue colored water tank is see-through to easily check on water levels. This model is manufactured to be used with tap water.


Vertical steam

To save time and floor space this unit is designed to double as a vertical steamer so that you can easily steam out wrinkles and pleads from hanging garments and drapes.



  • Extra long retractable cord
  • Easy to change temperature settings
  • Cools down quickly
  • Comfort handle
  • Vertical steamer


  • The retractable cord housing makes this model a bit tall



To conclude, the Black and Decker Steam Iron with Retractable Cord is an efficient iron that is easy to use, affordable and a robust steam iron.  It consists of a comfort handle for extended periods of use without getting hand fatigue.

It’s manufactured from quality materials for longevity, lightweight but yet heavy enough to reduce presser when ironing. This model has already received excellent feed back from satisfied customers and we think that you will be the next satisfied buyer.

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