Brabantia Table Top Ironing Board Review
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Brabantia Table Top Ironing Board Review

Selecting an ironing board isn’t as effortless as you think. They come in a large range of sizes, shapes as well as height ranges. The Brabantia Table Top Ironing Board is great for ironing smaller items of clothing and perfect if you’re short on both space and time, you can easily fold down the mini legs and pop it onto a work surface or table and start pressing.

Brabantia Table Top Ironing Board Review
Brabantia Table Top Ironing Board

Brabantia Morning Breeze Table Top Ironing Board Overview


  • Non slip caps
  • Cord fastener and Stretch System
  • Compact and space saving design
  • Retractable hook


Non slip caps

With this tiptop tabletop ironing board, ironing tasks takes up the littlest time and space.

non slip feet caps

Compact and stable, the smallest board member is designed for easy ironing of shirts, jumpers, trousers and blouses.

Non-slip caps keep it in place, and safeguard your table or worktop. When you’re done, just fold it flat in a flash and hang it by its big, retractable hook.


Cord fastener and Stretch System

If you are searching for a compact and foldable ironing board that can fit in your wardrobe, clothes rack or even in your suitcase, this Brabantia Table Top Ironing Board is the ideal solution for you.

Thanks to its non-slip caps, the ironing surface is fairly stable. The cover consists of a cord fastener and Stretch System that keep it always taut for smoother ironing.

It’s not the biggest ironing board on the market but also by no means the smallest, although a few extra cm on the width wouldn’t have gone amiss when ironing a duvet.


Compact and space saving design

Unlike some other boards, this one has blunt ends and features no holder for an iron, meaning you need to either place your iron elsewhere or utilize part of the board itself to accommodate it.

compact and space saving design

However, for those who iron lots of work shirts this is a small quibble as this board does exactly what it says – masters shirts, allowing you to iron the whole side of a shirt in one go.

While this might not sound like a revelation, being able to press a single side of a shirt is, if not exactly a joy, but certainly less of a chore.

This tabletop ironing board features a compact design which is excellent for those homes where saving space is essential. Its legs fold entirely flat for storage so you can keep it behind a cupboard, under your bed, behind a door etc.


Retractable hook

Its retractable hook can be utilized to hang the board making it the perfect complement to the new Linn Collection. It is perfect for all members of the family and the extra-tight fitting cover is ideal to iron on as well as good to look at.

The Brabantia Table Top Ironing Board retractable hook

While it is one of the most expensive boards we tested, its smooth operation and sturdy design and solid construction made it good purchase nonetheless and the dimensions when folded are H102 x W31 x D5 cm.

Pros & Cons

  • Stable worktop and lightweight
  • Retractable legs
  • Protective non-slip caps
  • 100% cotton cover
  • N/A



The Brabantia Table Top Ironing Board is perfectly padded and although we wouldn’t recommend it for larger families with heaps of ironing or if you’re wedded to ironing your duvets, it’s definitely acceptable for t-shirts and jeans.

Make sure you select a surface to sit it on that’s the right height, though, or you could end up with back strain if you’re ironing for a while.

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