CHI 13116 Retractable Cord Steam Iron Review
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CHI 13116 Retractable Cord Steam Iron Review

The CHI 13116 Retractable Cord Steam Iron is a regular iron which transmits steam from openings in its level surface. These irons are depended on a large water tank with an evaporator that rapidly warms up the water, making significant levels of pressures.

This implies when you press the trigger on the iron, it provides ground-breaking explosions of steam from the sea in a tank. These are genuinely adept at removing stubborn wrinkles, however for everyday family use.

Whether your definition of a polished look is a well-pressed suit, a smooth silk dress or a wrinkle-free shirt for work, you can achieve it with the CHI 13116 Retractable Cord Steam Iron. Like their hair-care tools, this iron is created to give you the high-performance power of the pros at home.

CHI 13116 Retractable Cord Steam Iron Review
CHI Steam Iron for Clothes with Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate

CHI 13116 Steam Iron Review


  • 8 ft. retractable cord
  • Over 400 steam holes
  • Adjustable steam lever
  • Heats up quickly


8 ft. Retractable cord

The retractable cord iron is developed using the titanium-infused ceramic soleplate technology. Designed with a sleek look and engineered for high performance, the CHI electronic retractable cord iron is the ideal balance of style and function.

For effortless utilization and storage, the 8 ft. retractable cord winds up quickly with the touch of a button making any CHI Retractable Cord iron storage more convenient and tidy.


Over 400 steam holes

The CHI (13116) Steam Iron for Clothes has powerful steam for effortless ironing with over 400 steam holes, and this iron delivers powerful steam that makes the process of steaming out wrinkles smooth and fast.

CHI 13116 Titanium infused ceramic soleplate

It glides smoothly across the fabric, and you can use it with or without spray starch and in both instances, it glides smoothly and gets the wrinkles out, usually on the first pass.

The steam settings work extremely well and it generates such good steam on request by pushing a button.


Adjustable steam lever

With precise control, the unique, adjustable steam lever goes from no seam to full power with just a quick slide and the sleek handle with textured grip gives you optimum control and comfort.

adjustable steam control

It’s shaped extremely well designed while the tapered tip works well for getting into those tight places to iron/flatten creases out.


Heats up quickly

This is a real iron, made with quality and it heats up quickly. The steam feature produces steam as opposed to water droplets or drips as found on cheaper irons.

The cord is fully retractable and has a good weight to it. The steam on it makes ironing so easy, and it looks extremely sleek and elegant.

Pros & Cons

  • Sleek handle with textured grip
  • Retractable cord
  • Delivers powerful steam
  • Temperature settings
  • Complaints of scorching clothes



Regardless of whether your meaning of a cleaned look is a well-squeezed suit, any silk dress or a without wrinkle shirt for work, one can accomplish it by having the CHI 13116 Retractable Cord Steam Iron. Like CHI hair care apparatuses, this steam iron is intended to give you the elite intensity of the stars at home.

You can step out every time in those perfectly ironed garments of yours and enjoy the compliments which you receive for being so well and neatly dressed. Let your first impression be crease free, neat, sharp and respectful by purchasing the correct iron for your clothes and change your ironing experience forever.

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