chi steam iron 13101 reviews
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CHI Steam Iron (13101) Reviews

We all are surrounded by electric equipment of various kinds in our daily life. Our home appliances are all mostly electric so it is a sign of the better future and advancements that we see in the modern world. And one of those appliances is the Chi Steam Iron (13101).


In older days people didn’t have this much of facilities and equipment as we all have in modern times so it was very difficult to handle things during those days. But as of now, things have changed and so the needs and requirements of people have also started to grow. In other words, the demands have increased and overpowered their needs. But certain things in our house are very essential for us. Iron is among one such requirement that we all need in our homes.


Without a good iron, it is not possible to survive these days. Although we all give our clothes to the dry cleaners and the laundries still we need to have an iron in our homes for some of the basic works for which you can’t depend upon the laundry or dry cleaners on the daily basis.


Ironing becomes a basic tool that saves your looks and attires as well. If you want some clothes to be quickly ironed then you just can’t rely upon the laundry or press as these services take some time to get done. So if you don’t have an iron at your home, then it would be very difficult for you to manage things.


The CHI 13101 Steam Iron for Clothes with Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate and 1700 Watts of power, XL 10’ Cord, 3-Way Auto Shutoff, 300+ Holes, Professional-Grade Iron is a very good product that is from the house of the amazon so you can order this product very easily, sitting at home. Below are its features. Pros and cons are discussed to give you an overview of the product.

CHI Steam Iron (13101) Reviews
CHI Steam Iron (13101) Reviews


Features of a Professional Chi Steam Iron (13101)

1. Powerful steam, precise temperature, professional results

This product provides you with a polished look be it be a well-pressed suit, a smooth silk dress or a wrinkle-free shirt for work. You can achieve a very good servicing with the CHI Professional Clothing Iron. This iron is designed to give you the high-performance power of the pros at home.


2. Design

It is very beautifully engineered with a titanium-infused ceramic soleplate similar to the popular CHI flat irons, the professional clothing iron is durable enough to withstand scratches, heats up quickly and provides an extra-smooth glide. Ironing is simpler with this product and with a temperature dial that includes a fabric guide, adjustable steam control and an easy to grasp and very comfortable handle.


3. CHI Flat Iron Technology

This wonderful Professional Clothing Iron is designed using the chi steam iron with infused ceramic soleplatesame titanium-infused ceramic soleplate technology that powers CHI’s hair styling tools, including the flagship CHI G2 Flat Iron. So it provides a very good experience to its users along with its modern design.


4. Powerful Steam

The CHI Steam Iron for Clothes with Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate, 1700 Watts, XL 10’ Cord, 3-Way Auto Shutoff, 300+ Holes, Professional-Grade, Silver (13101) has over 300 steam holes, this iron delivers powerful steam that makes the process of steaming out wrinkles smooth and fast. This feature makes it a different product in the market.


5. Precise Control

The temperature control dial in this iron lets you choose your fabric type and sets the temperature accordingly, that eliminates the guesswork. A unique, adjustable steam lever goes from no steam to full power with just a quick slide. And the sleek handle with textured grip gives you complete control and comfort.


6. Modern Style with Premium Materials

The titanium-infused ceramic soleplate is ultra-strong and scratch-resistant. Matte chrome accents and a sleek design give this iron a polished look. You can use the fabric guide that is given in the iron that helps you to adjust the temperature as per the fabric of the cloth that you dye ironing.


7. Prices

This beautiful and perfect iron is very cost-effective. It is not very pricey that it can’t be afforded. It is very pocket-friendly and is worth buying because of its multiple advanced features.

8. Warranty

This model comes with a warranty of two years, which is quite good and reasonable. If you find anything bad and dissatisfaction with the product within two years, then you can return it or get yourself available to the free servicing.



  • It has CHI flat iron technology.
  • The Chi Steam Iron 13101 comes with a Titanium-infused ceramic soleplate.
  • It contains Over 300 steam holes for superior performance.
  • It has Extra-long 10ft. a very useful cord.
  • It is designed with modern styling with premium materials for better results and performance.
  • This iron has matte chrome accents that are unique and good.
  • It has a sleek handle with textured comfort grip so it becomes user-friendly and convenient to use.
  • It is easy to read temperature controls with generously sized dial in this iron.
  • It has easy to reach adjustable steam lever for better services.
  • It has a three-way auto shut off for safe usage.
  • If it is designed with anti-drip, steam/blast modern technologies.
  • It has a power of 1700 watts with high steam performance.
  • It has a warranty period of 2 years.



  • Poor servicing


The final verdict 

The CHI Steam Iron 13103 for Clothes with Titanium Infused Ceramic Soleplate, 1700 Watts, XL 10’ Cord, 3-Way Auto Shutoff, 300+ Holes, Professional-Grade, Silver is designed with the powerful steam, precise temperature, professional results.

It is best suited for giving a polished look that may be a well-pressed suit, a smooth silk dress or a wrinkle-free shirt for work, you can achieve it with the CHI professional clothing iron. With over 300 steam holes, you can smooth out the toughest of wrinkles effortlessly. So this product is worth considering for your ironing arsenal.

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