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Commercial Care 1200 Watts Steam Iron Review

The Commercial Care 1200 Watts Steam Iron, Red has saved many housewives from the difficult chore of ironing the laundry and various clothing items. And the quality level of the high-pressure steam iron, to a large extent, determined the user experience as well as the service life.

A garment steamer makes use of hot steam to relax the fibers in clothing. A jet of steam is directed at the cloth suspended on a hanger and the steam wand at the end of a hose is held a short distance from the cloth – delivering a smooth look without the application of scorching heat to the clothing.

Steamers are perfect for soft and delicate fabrics like silk, satin, polyester and jersey. Because a garment steamer does not actually touch clothing – there is little chance of scorching the garment.

Go on reading, and you will get the best steam iron review with detailed features, as we give you all the detailed information on this 1200 watts steam iron.

Commercial Care 1200 Watts Steam Iron
Commercial Care 1200 Watts Steam Iron

Best 1200 Watts Steam Iron Overview


  • Self-cleaning system
  • Large water tank
  • Spray mist feature
  • Variable steam control
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Non stick soleplate


Self-cleaning system

The very last thing you want when you iron is to have it stick to the material and that was taken into account with the self-cleaning feature on the Commercial Care 1200 Watts Steam Iron, Red.

And it also has a silicone fluoride coated finish, non-stick soleplate that you will find at the base of your iron.


Large water tank capacity

The bigger the water tank, the less frequently you will have to top it up. This is better if you let the laundry pile stack up and want to get it all done in one go.

While the 5.1 ounce water tank capacity holds plenty of water for your daily ironing and an extra-long cord with strain relief to enable you to do your work just about anywhere.


Spray mist feature

It has a burst of steam and spray mist feature for heavy wrinkle removal. The vertical steaming feature is convenient for removing wrinkles from curtains and drapes or freshening up hard to iron garments.

burst of steam options

An iron with this feature can direct an intense burst of steam at a specific portion of the garment, useful when dealing with particularly ornery wrinkles.


Variable steam control

With features like variable steam control, vertical steam burst of steam with spray and mist option will make it look like you brought your clothing to a professional laundry.

It gets rid of wrinkles fast with spray, blast and adjustable steam settings, and reviewers say it delivers powerful steam to help diminish even the toughest wrinkles.


Anti-drip feature

The Commercial Care Iron has an anti-drip feature to prohibit leaking, and it automatically shuts off if left idle for 9 minutes in the upright position or 30 seconds in a flat or sideways position.

The large stainless steel, non-stick soleplate has anti-calcium properties to prohibit calcium buildup and an anti-drip design to eliminate dripping water when tipped forward.


Nonstick soleplate

non stick soleplate

This iron has a smooth nonstick soleplate that enables it to just glide over fabrics and do it without sticking. This allows it to press seams and smooth wrinkles quickly and efficiently.



  • Variable steam control
  • Silicone fluoride coated
  • Nonstick soleplate
  • Spacious water tank capacity


  • Temperature control dial may be difficult to turn for some



If you grew up with the hiss of steam and the scent of warm cotton in the air being a standard part of your day, then you’re almost definitely familiar with steam irons.

Steam irons offer an incredible way to tackle the wrinkles and creases found in virtually any fabric and are available in a range of prices based on the quality of the brand and the features available.

If you’re looking at buying a new steam iron, be sure to check out the Commercial Care 1200 Watts Steam Iron, Red since it has incredible steam output and heats up in seconds with very high-quality design and comfortable feel in your hand. If you want an excellent iron that can do everything you require with minimal effort, this is the perfect choice.

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