Conair Extreme Steam Iron
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Conair Extreme Steam Pro Clothing Iron Review

In 2020, when it comes to ironing your clothes, it is essential to select the right kind of iron. Only when you are able to select the best steam iron, it will become simpler for you to handle any kind of fabric. The more versatile the iron, the easier it will be for you to iron an ample amount of clothes. One iron in particular that caught our attention is the Conair Extreme Steam Iron.

Among the variety of options which are available, steam irons is the perfect option for you. The reason for this is that steam irons can easily help you handle a wide range of different fabrics. Steam irons are also highly versatile as many of them can generate steam vertically as well.

The vertical steam generation capability is particularly useful for linen as well as curtains. Today, we will speak about a steam iron for home use and help you better understand why it is the perfect solution for you.

With the help of the Conair Extreme Steam Iron, the wrinkles can be easily removed from the garment. Also, even for the thicker fabrics, the wrinkles can be easily removed with the help of steam. Also, you will be able to iron clothes quite swiftly once it is subjected to steam. This is one of the major reasons why steam irons are gaining more and more popularity.

Conair Extreme Steam Iron Review
Conair Extreme Steam Iron Review

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  • Nano Titanium Soleplates
  • Steam dial
  • Water tank
  • Temperature control dial
  • Auto shut off
  • Reservoir door
  • Self cleaning


Nano Titanium Soleplates

The Conair Extreme Steam Pro Steam Clothing Iron features an exclusive Nano Titanium soleplate with a smooth glide feature to press out wrinkles on a variety of garment types.

The ExtremeSteam Pro Steam Clothing Iron features a Nano Titanium soleplate that effortlessly glides across garments, evenly distributing heat to help remove wrinkles at a rapid pace. This combined with high-quality Titanium soleplate that comes with a thick central core supplies an easy and ideal ironing experience.

Conair Nano Titanium Soleplate

Steam dial

This clothes iron provides excellent steam distribution and penetration with a powerful burst of steam for efficient removal of tough wrinkles.

So you can get professional, wrinkle-free results at home. With 1875 watts, this steam iron offers powerful steam in continuous horizontal or vertical blasts.


Water tank

The anti-calcium feature enables you to utilize ordinary tap water. It’s a well-designed product that’s easier to utilize than most other units as well. Simply fill it with tap water, plug it in and allow it to heat up.

You are then ready to utilize its incredibly hot steam spray for all kinds of different jobs including killing dust mites or pulling wrinkles out of your clothing.


Temperature control dial

A temperature dial on this device caters to most fabrics. It is an easy reach with a 7 foot power cord. It also features a temperature control dial, self-clean button, and variable steam control features.


Auto shut off

It consists of an auto shut-off feature stops power after 8 minutes of non-use in vertical position and after 30 seconds if left in horizontal position. It features anti-calcium, anti-corrosion, self-clean, and auto shutoff features.


Reservoir door

It has a see-through water reservoir that lets you know how much water is left in the unit and its lighted switch and Turbo light make it effortless to see when the steamer is on and when it has reached the highest temperature.

And since it also comes with a bristle brush, it can be utilized to loosen up fibers so that the steam can reach deeper.


Self cleaning

Most steam irons like the BEAUTURAL 1800 Watt Iron have self-Easy-controls and self cleaning systemcleaning systems and anti-calc functions to stop limescale from becoming a problem – so make sure these work well, especially if you live in an area with hard water. The manufacturer has clearly succeeded to make this product effortless to use and maintain.

The anti-calc feature flushes out all the calcium particles utilizing the steam holes making the ironing process overall efficient. This prevention of build-up materials increases the life span of the iron and helps in good maintenance.



  • Heats up quickly
  • Multiple steam vent holes
  • Non-stick plates
  • Easy to use the control


  • Steam iron may have small amount of water or condensation inside the water tank due to testing.



The products in this Conair line of steamers are all extremely good garment and fabric steamers, as can be clearly seen from the above review. All that frankly separates them is that they are each built for a slightly different purpose or are built for handling fabrics in a slightly different way. This leaves the user with the difficult choice of selecting just one of them.

Therefore, it can be stated that the Conair Extreme Steam Iron with dual heat is one of the leading products in the current marketplace due to its utilization of dual heat technology that makes it work faster and productively. Thus, I would strongly recommend purchasing the given Conair product if you are inclined towards buying the fabric steamer that not only takes care of your fabrics but also of your liners and drapes and make them germ-free also.

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