dcenta 1500w steam iron review

Dcenta 1500W Steam Iron Review

We’ve reviewed one of the best steam irons out in the market today to make sure we only provide you with the top choices. The Dcenta 1500W Steam Iron has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs. Be sure to take a close look at all of the features to make your selection.

Clothes steamers are also called garment steamers, fabric steamers, and sometimes called a de-wrinkle steamer or steam de-wrinkle appliance.

These handy hand-held appliances are great to pack into your satchel or luggage when you travel or go for the weekend somewhere and you want your garments to look fresh and not wrinkled. The hot steam gets rid of creases, fold lines, and wrinkles using steam to diminish them.

Dcenta 1500w Steam Iron for Clothes
Dcenta 1500w Steam Iron for Clothes

Dcenta Vertical Steam Iron Overview


  • Exclusive product testing
  • 1500W High wattage power
  • 5 Temperature controls
  • Self-clean system
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Large capacity water tank


Exclusive product testing

The Dcenta Vertical Steam Iron has undergone strict international inspection after production, including ironing test, tightness test and safety test of the product to ensure that you have an excellent use experience.

NOTE: If you receive a small amount of water droplets or water stains in the appliance, it means that the product has been completely tested and it does not affect your normal use. Their products also provide the 90 DAYS NO QUESTIONS ASKED RETURN.


1500W High wattage power

The 1500W High wattage means a much quicker heat up, constant high steam output, and quick and efficient removal of creases.

The high-temperature steam is not only making the fabric softer and more comfortable, but it also has a good bactericidal effect using high temperature powerful steam which can deal with 99.99% of stain on any surface.


5 Temperature controls

This home appliance has 3 Speed steam and 5 temperature control knob switches for the most precise ironing of different fabrics.

features of dcenta 1500w steam iron for clothes

To meet the ironing requirements of different fabrics, the steam iron also offers a temperature dial and fabrics selection whether cotton, silk, wool, synthetics. Dry and wet ironing can also be suitable for dry and wet clothes.


Self-clean system

The steam iron has a built-in professional ironing chip so the balanced temperature plate will not burn your clothes.

Warm-up time is only 30s and it can keep working continuously for 18 min with a 280 ml water tank, and you don’t have to keep adding water frequently.

The one-button automatic cleaning function has a clean environment inside, and the special water reservoir prohibits scale build-up in the plate and extended service life.


Automatic shut-off

The Dcenta steam iron will automatically power off after 30 seconds when placed on its soleplate or side and after 8 minutes when propped upright on its heel which provides you with better security.

The auto shut-off safety mechanism is an excellent touch as well as it ensures that you don’t burn your clothes or ignite a fire when you have to abandon your ironing work midway.

Additionally, we love the vertical steam on the soleplate since it enables the steam to hit directly onto the area of the clothing you want to straighten.


Anti-drip system

With the anti drip system when the iron is at a low temperature, you can iron the most delicate fabrics without risk of spoiling or leave marks or stains on the iron.

The anti-drip system lets you iron delicate fabrics at low temperatures with confidence so there’s no need to worry about water droplets causing stains.


Large capacity water tank

With 280ML extra-large water tank, no more constant refilling between ironing sessions and you can iron more fabrics in one session. The water capacity is definitely enough to last for an entire ironing session.



  • Fast heat up time
  • Temperature dial for every material type
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Vertical steamer
  • Auto shut-off


  • Iron may get extremely hot



Everyday household chores can be a pain, especially when you don’t utilize quality tools for the job. To make the thankless task of ironing a lot easier, many people turn to the best steam irons to make the task simple. Understanding what a steam iron is and how it works can go a long way towards selecting the best product available to you.

The Dcenta 1500w steam iron adds the ability to inject steam into the fabric while the iron is in use and the steam that is applied helps to remove creases with more efficiency and speed during the ironing process so this will be a great addition to your household.

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