Deik Steam Iron Reviews
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Deik Steam Irons 2020 Review

We all want to wear crisp crease-free clothing whenever we go out for dinner or enjoy a night out in town. This can only be done with a steam iron. Not all steam irons are equally built, that is why you need an iron that can stand the test of time and don’t cost an arm and a leg. We’ve reviewed multiple steam irons that may suit your needs but may also be out of your price range. The Deik Steam Iron has all the features of a top of the line model but just cheaper. You can read all about the Deik Steam Iron Reviews below before making that final step of purchasing one.

Deik Steam Iron Reviews

Deik Steam Iron Reviews


Features of Deik Steam Iron


The Deik Steam Iron comes with a total of 1200W output to help the iron reach maximum heat within a short period of time. This also prevents the iron from dripping water, especially when turned on. Producing extreme power and generating a lot of heat leads to a comfortable and smoother ironing experience. With this said your task will automatically become faster.


Non-Stick Ceramic Plate

The Deik Steam Iron is designed with a non-stick soleplate to help iron out stubborn wrinkles and creases. This 4x scratch-resistant ceramic soleplate performs much better than a coated or metal soleplate.  The result is a smoother ironing experience on any type of fabric and even heat distribution to flatten out creases. The soleplate comes with a precision tip to reach tight spaces like collars and around buttons.



To prolong the lifespan of the steam iron and to get optimal performance from your ironing task the Deik Steam Iron comes with a self-cleaning feature. This function prevents built-up from calcium deposits in the water tank. When too much calcium built-up remains in the water tank you’ll see an increase of dirt and black water inside the water tank. This water eventually blocks the holes of the soleplate. It is recommended that you periodically clean the water tank with this function and when finished ironing not to forget to empty the iron.


Variable Temperature Controls

The variable temperature control functions can be set to the desired temperature of your choosing depending on which type of fabric you are working on. Whether it is wool, linen, silk or cotton this function takes the guesswork out of ironing.


Vertical Steaming

Vertical steaming is an important part of steam irons. This feature saves the user time and space especially when working in a small area where an ironing board can be an obstruction. There are plenty of steam irons on the market like the Rowenta Steam Focus, Rowenta DW3261 Advanced and the Rowenta Eco-Intelligence which has been manufactured to apply vertical steaming to hanging garments.

As said before vertical steaming plays an important part in ironing and this is why the company Deik also integrated there Deik Steam Irons with this feature. You’ll be able to use the steam function in a vertical position on drapes, hanging garments and linen.


Cord Length

With the 360-degree swivel cord which is 6.2 feet in length, you will have the freedom to move around the iron board without interference. The cord is manufactured from nylon fiber to last longer and to withstand extreme handling.


Tank Capacity

The Deik steam iron comes with a massive 300ml. water tank for continuous ironing. When the desired level of water in the tank is reached you’ll be able to save on time and energy. There is no need to continuously add water every few minutes. With that said the iron can become heavy when full of water.



  • 1200W of power
  • A double ceramic coated soleplate
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle
  • Variable temperature controls
  • Large Water tank
  • 360 Degree, 6.2 ft. power cord
  • Automatic steam control
  • Vertical steam



  • Low steam burst
  • Hard to check exact water levels



  1. To prevent water from overflowing, the water cannot be filled through the maximum mark on the water tank.
  2. Disconnect the power plug when you are not using the iron or when water is leaking
  3. Before adding water, turn the steam selector to OFF to prevent it from leaking


Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve gone through the pros, cons, and features of the Deik Steam Iron Reviews we can safely assume that you have a clearer understanding of what you can expect from this iron. To summarize: this iron is inexpensive; it comes with 1200w of power, manufactured with a ceramic non-stick soleplate, large enough water tank and comes with a self-cleaning system.

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