Does steam cleaning clothes remove the odor?

Does steam cleaning clothes remove the odor?

Well, your clothes might have an odor for many reasons, like your sweat in the clothes from previous wear or odor of your detergent from the recent wash. However, steaming can help you to get rid of it to some extent. Steaming is a process that would work close to your cloth and will touch upon each part of your cloth while passing the steam through the fabric. You must have heard of dry cleaning or steam cleaning. So the steaming process will have a similar action. However, you can even enhance this action by adding a few extra steps in your steaming process. Let’s see how steaming could help remove odor from your clothes.

Does steam cleaning clothes remove the odor?
Sweat Stains

Many times, there is an odor from your previous wear. You don’t want to wash your clothes just out of one wear because that might affect the longevity of your clothes. However, there is a slight odor from food, drinks and even sweat from that last wear depending on how you have used your cloth. This could be specific to warm clothes or coats and jackets, that we could not wash that often.


A steamer like the Rowenta DG8520 Steam Station could be the ideal gadget to help you deal with it. The first thing is when you come after your even, you should not straight away put your clothes into the Almira if you are not washing them. Let them pat dry and let all the smell go away on its own. If you lock them into the Almira, then chances are they don’t dry and the germs from previous wear tend to grow and even make it worse for you to wear it next time. The best way is to hang your cloth in sun for about 2 hours before putting it back into the cupboard.


Then before wearing them again, you could a steamer to remove those sweat patches an give a good swipe before you wear them again. You could also add some fragrance drops that are friendly with your clothes into your steamer and lets this fragrance flow into your garment with the water vapors so that it smells fresh and tidy when next you are wearing them.


The odor from a previous wash

Now, this happens with a lot of us, when we wash our clothes and don’t dry them in the sun then they tend to have that odor from the detergent that we used on our clothes. Sometimes we want to use them straight out of the dryer, but don’t know how to deal with this odor. Then a steamer comes very handily. You can put a few drops of fragrance into your steamers and stem them to let remove the odor.


The steamer is used by high-end hotels to keep their linens and fabrics smelling good before they lay them on for their guests. Hence, with some practice, you can also devise this method to keep your clothes and wardrobe smelling much better. You should not spray perfumes and deodorants on your clothes and use fabric-friendly fragrances to steam your clothes or else you will end up with patches when your clothes dry down after steaming.

So the answer to your question. Does steam cleaning clothes remove the odor? Yes, it does.

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