Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover Review
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Ezy Iron: Best Padded Ironing Board Cover Review

An ironing board cover is typically made of multiple layers of foam, felt or cotton layers which enhance the ironing efficiency by reflecting heat back to the garments. In the process, you achieve excellent ironing efficiency. You take less time, cut energy consumption, and iron efficiently without any difficulty.

If you are a frequent user of the ironing device and sometimes find some challenges then you need to use the Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover for you to experience the best results.

Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover

Best Heavy Duty Ironing Cover and Pad Overview


  • Fit all standard size and large boards
  • Super thick padding
  • Heavy duty cover
  • Elasticized edges bungee-cord


Fit all standard size and large boards

The Ezy Iron Board Cover is designed to fit all standard and large boards in the range 47″ up to 54″ long and in the range 15″ up to 18″ wide and it fits extra wide boards too.

Fit all standard size and large boards

It will also fit an ironing board of 54 x 15 and also 54 x 18 however the ironing board is not included.

This cover is created to fit a wide range of ironing boards, too and it moulds to the shape of your board and is effortlessly adjustable.


Super thick padding

The padded ironing board cover is extremely thick and holds and reflects the heat to cut your ironing time in half. Padding is arguably one of the most essential aspects of an ironing board cover.

A good thick padding assists in delivering smooth, wrinkle-free clothes. That’s why our top recommendation for a padded ironing board cover is the Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover.

The Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron for Clothes and the board cover usually go together as the Professional grade steam iron has multiple steam output and temperature options so you don’t have to worry about burning your favorite clothes.


Heavy duty cover

You can now discover faster ironing with this padded cover as it is a heavy duty cover that is made to last. The oldest cover purchased we know of is 10 years old and still going strong and it has super thick felt padding at a depth of 4.3 inches.

Plus, the padding is heat reflective which cuts you ironing time by a significant amount so if you do a lot of ironing, then certainly check out this cover.

It is just an cover when you look at it but has tons of benefits to provide to you as the user. It is designed to supply simplicity and economize the time and the energy utilized during the ironing process.


Elasticized edges bungee-cord

When you have the best ironing board cover, you can achieve amazing ironing efficiency. Making use of this cover guarantees extraordinary results.

Elasticized edges bungee-cord

The cover also comes with innovative elasticized edges bungee-cord style drawstring for effortless installation and total tension fit to any board drum tightly.

Your shirt and pants will no longer have any stubborn wrinkles, just give this padded cover a chance, and things will never be the same again and get the crispest shirts, trousers, and coats, just by utilizing this padded cover.

Pros & Cons

  • Has super thick padding
  • No slipping and slipping
  • Easy installation
  • Heat reflecting
  • Cover may be too tight for some boards



If you’re on the hunt for a cover that can get you the smoothest, crispiest and wrinkle-free clothes, then try out the Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Cover.

In addition to the amazing design and incredible size compatibility, this these board covers features a great combination of foam and fiber layers to deliver the best ironing functionality.

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