Household Essentials Basic Sleeve Mini Ironing Board
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Household Essentials Basic Sleeve Ironing Board Review

Whether you love or loathe your ironing chores, we’ve made finding the best ironing board a breeze. A high quality iron is, of course, crucial – but so, too, is a good ironing board. Skimp on either, and results will definitely be substandard but wait this is where the Household Essentials Basic Sleeve Mini Ironing Board comes in.

An ironing board is, at its core, a flat surface atop a pair of sturdy folding legs. But it’s also much more. Shape, height, size, material, overall quality and additional features differentiate one model from the next. This is why you should select the Household Essentials Mini Ironing Board.

Household Essentials Basic Sleeve Ironing Board Review
Household Essentials Basic Sleeve Mini Ironing Board

Household Essentials Basic Sleeve Mini Ironing Board Overview


  • Compact design
  • Durable perforated plastic top
  • Slim design and tapered nose
  • Low profile and metal leg lock
  • No-scuff leg caps


Compact design

This high-quality and compact sleeve ironing board offers you with a convenient way to press smaller and hard-to-reach angles of your clothing.

Mini Compact design ironing board

This sleeve ironing board is a wonderful, swift selection for the habitual or casual ironer.

Designed with high-quality materials and a compact design, this ironing board can be set up on any tabletop or counter or utilized in addition to a standard ironing board.


Durable perforated plastic top

The handy leg caps prohibit scuffing of tabletop or counter surfaces while also keeping the board steady. The plastic frame offers an ample amount of support as you iron.

The durable perforated plastic top not only contributes to the board’s stability but also allows for great ironing results by circulating heat and steam from your iron.

The board’s plastic top enables even distribution of heat and steam and the cotton cover is scorch and stain-resistant.


Slim design and tapered nose

The foam pad and natural 100% cotton cover minimize creasing and imprints.

The slim design and tapered nose make this accessory sleeve ironing board perfect for pressing face masks, sleeves, collars, hems and other small articles. This ironing board is fairly compact to make storage a breeze.


Low profile and metal leg lock

This mini ironing board’s low profile and metal leg lock enables for rapid set-up and take-down. You can store this Household Essentials Mini Ironing Board on a shelf, in a drawer or linen closet or other smaller storage spaces.

Paired with a full-sized ironing board, this sleeve ironing board will help you achieve optimal results. This accessory would be an ideal selection for any ironer, seamstress or crafter.


No-scuff leg caps

This accessory sleeve ironing board is a small and easy-to-use choice for individuals looking to press their clothing with greater detail.

The materials utilized are all high-quality, including the sturdy perforated plastic top, padding and cotton cover.

No-scuff leg caps

Storing this item is remarkably effortless with its compacting design and metal leg lock, and there’s no requirement to fear scratching of tabletops or counters with the addition of our no-scuff leg caps.

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality and compact
  • Scorch- and stain-resistant
  • No-scuff leg caps
  • Metal leg lock
  • Could be a little sturdier



There are many manufacturers and ironing boards from which to select, but not all are worthy of your attention and money. The last thing you want is to purchase an ironing board that wobbles or rusts because of poor manufacturing and materials so we suggest you give the Household Essentials Basic Sleeve Mini Ironing Board a try since it can certainly fulfill your ironing duties.

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