Best Teflon Iron Shoe Cover Review
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Best Teflon Iron Shoe Cover Review

Is it becoming difficult for you to purchase the best iron cover? Are you in need for some kind of buying help? We know how it feels having thousands of products in front of you and you having to select one out of the many available. We have experienced this when gathering information on the Best Teflon Iron Shoe Cover this year.

Many questions may be arising in your mind; you may be seeing appropriate answers to them before you decide to make a purchase – we will help by bringing you one of the best soleplate covers, the Ironing Shoe & Sole Plate.

Jacobson Teflon Iron Shoe Cover Review
Teflon Iron Shoe Cover

Jacobson Iron Cover Shoe Pad Overview


  • No scorching or sticking
  • 235mm long and 130mm wide
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Ventilated design


No scorching or sticking

This product allows you to iron any material at your iron’s highest temperature setting, without ever worrying about scorching, sticking or shine.

The surface, designed from Top Hat® Premium Non-Stick Laminate, is so super slick, nothing sticks to it – not even spray starch, fusible interfacing on fusible web.


235mm Long and 130mm wide

The Jacobson Teflon Iron Shoe Cover fit most standard irons and are ventilated so they can be utilized dry or with steam.

The Iron Sole Shield has been created to protect delicate fabrics & garments from the direct heat of the iron so that you don’t create any shine marks on your clothing.

It is a quick, fast and easy installment by sliding it onto the soleplate of an iron then securing it in place.


Extremely lightweight

The Ironing Shoe & Sole Plate is light as a feather so you can use them all day long on all your fabrics, including Taffeta, Gabardine, Nylon and synthetic fabrics.

Jacobson Teflon Iron Shoe Cover Review

The sheet is irremovably securable to the sole plate of a hand operated iron, and safeguards fabrics being pressed from burning, scorching, and polishing by minimizing friction between the iron and the fabric while providing even heat distribution from the sole plate to the article being pressed.


Easy to install

Under normal use, Jacobson Products’ iron shoes will offer years of dependable service. Eliminate ironing problems like scorching, sticking, and shine Iron Safe ironing shoe has a sole plate coated with Top Hat premium nonstick laminate.

This enables you to iron all materials at the same high temperature setting without a press cloth from the toughest cottons and linens to the most delicate silks and synthetics.


Ventilated design

The large number of holes, and their distribution pattern, assures that at least some of the holes are aligned with the holes in the iron sole plate to enable passage of steam through, without need for some additional internal structure (ridges, etc.) to space the cover away from the sole plate.



The Teflon Iron Shoe Cover is a great way to safeguard the surface of your soleplate from build-up. If you make use of starch this can cause a brown burn mark to form and grow on your soleplate if it’s not cleaned regularly.

A soleplate cover or shoe-plate means you don’t have to risk any damage to the ironing plate itself so get yours today.

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