MARTISAN HL-8001 Steam Iron
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MARTISAN 1800W Steam Iron Review

Are you looking to purchase the best steam iron but cannot decide on the best?  There are so many steam irons on the market, making it difficult for most people to decide on the best. Steam irons perform an important function on your clothes and fabrics. You obviously don’t want to make a mistake selecting a poor quality steam iron. This is why we recommend the MARTISAN 1800W Steam Iron as your next go-to clothes iron and steamer.

A quality steam iron will get rid of wrinkles on your clothes so that you wear them in perfect shape. It should be well-balanced and come with a good capacity tank and the iron cord should also be long for flexible use.

Steam irons are the most popular irons on the market right now. Steam opens a fabric’s weave, so deep creases can be ironed out effortlessly. Generally speaking, more steam means swifter, easier ironing. With most steam irons, the steam output can be adjusted for various fabrics.

MARTISAN 1800W Steam Iron
MARTISAN 1800W Steam Iron

MARTISAN HL-8001 Steam Iron Review


  • Super hot 1800W iron
  • Self-clean system
  • Anti-drip
  • Variable temp control
  • Ceramic soleplate
  • Quality test


Super hot 1800W iron

1800 watt super hot steam iron

With 1800W power, the Martisan HL-8001 Steam Iron can produce steam in less than a minute. The powerful burst of steam offers an extra blast of steam, allowing you to removing wrinkles quickly and easily.


Self-clean system

You only need to press the self-clean button but you can also try the burst-of-steam feature to clean vents.

When the temperature of the MARTISAN 1800W Steam Iron is insufficient to create steam, the supply of water is cut off automatically to prevent any drips from the soleplate.



The anti-drip feature stops water droplets from staining fabrics when you are ironing, and prohibits “spitting” when the iron is utilizing the steam boost function.

In addition, anti-drip stops water leakage when the steam iron is stored away after use.


Variable temp control

The 5 range temperature dial makes it effortless and precise when you iron a variety of fabrics such as wool, silk, linen, cotton etc to always keep your clothes in perfect status.

5 range temperature

If you have to iron a limited piece of clothing then a steam iron would be our perfect choice as it will save you a good amount of money.


Ceramic soleplate

This is a good alternative to stainless steel as it has a hard-wearing, non-stick surface and spreads heat well. The durable ceramic soleplate glides extremely well on any ironable garment.

Martisan HL-8001 Steam Iron ceramic soleplate

It’s ceramic, scratch resistant and simple to keep clean and the 8.5ft swivel cord guard rotates 360 degrees, making it easy to iron tangle-free.


Quality test

Every Martisan Steam Iron has passed the quality test to make sure they function correctly and provide consumers with 100% satisfaction, so there will be a little bit of water left in the reservoir, but this will not affect the performance of the product.

Pros & Cons

  • Generate steam in less than a minute
  • Extra blast of steam
  • Self-clean button
  • 5 range temperature dial
  • May experience leaking



Steam irons are quite popular and help diminish wrinkles on a wide range of cloth fabrics. Make sure to consider this iron and start dressing in sharp and wrinkle-free clothes.

So, look no further and simply choose the MARTISAN 1800W Steam Iron and add it to your ironing table so that next time when you do your chore of ironing your clothes, you have the tool of your preference which will make your ironing experience better and much more effortless.

This, by far one of the cheapest and of course best steam irons in the market to purchase with confidence.

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