Naturalife Steam Iron with LCD Display Review
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Naturalife Steam Iron with LCD Display Review

Let’s face it, a tumble in the dryer or a hang in a steamy shower will get you part way there, but nothing can take the place of a good, old-fashioned steam iron. For anyone who requires a pressed and prim, crisp, fresh look, the Naturalife Steam Iron with LCD Display is a must.

For artistic or practical uses, steam irons can prep fabrics, deliver a heat source for transfers and iron clothing or other fabrics related to set dressing. Professionals, the general workforce, stay at home domestic partners, amateur sewers, quilters and crafters will all find the Naturalife Steam to be an essential tool.

Naturalife Steam Iron with LCD Display
Naturalife Steam Iron with LCD Display

Naturalife Steam Iron Overview


  • 1800 watts of power
  • 11 preset modes
  • Ceramic coated soleplate
  • 3-way automatic shut-off
  • Large capacity water tank
  • Digital LCD display
  • Extra long power cord
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Anti-calcium system
  • Prevents leaks and spills


1800 Watts of power

High wattage means a much swifter heat up, constant high steam output, and quick and efficient removal of creases.


11 Preset modes

This steam iron features a clear-view LCD screen so you can stop with the guesswork and don’t burn your clothes. You can select your fabric type and always iron with the right heat.


Ceramic coated soleplate

The plate is non-stick, glide over all fabric smoothly; harder than stainless steel, super scratch resistant, and more durable and effortless to clean.


3-Way automatic shut-off

The motion sensors automatically shut off the iron to avoid danger when it sits motionless for too long. It shuts off after 30 seconds when laying flat and 8 minutes when vertical.

Naturalife Steam Iron with 3-way auto off system

Every NATURALIFE Iron is tested by a QA team before leaving the factory so you’re assured quality right out of the box.


Large capacity water tank

The Naturalife Steam Iron has similar features like the Shark Ninja Steam Iron with LCD Display but just cheaper and  has a large capacity water tank and an included cup for easy filling. No need to utilize distilled water since it’s optimized for use with tap water.


Digital LCD display

The integrated display and 11 presets make precise temperatures setting for all kinds of materials, including acrylic, nylon, satin, viscose, silk, polyester, blend, wool, cotton, jeans, and linen, so it is extremely easy.


Extra long power cord

An ultra-long 8ft/2.4m cord offers maximum reach and convenience. Plus, every single steam iron’s cable is rigorously tested for optimum safety and durability.


Self-cleaning system

1800 watt power output

You can easily keep your iron in optimal condition making use of the self-cleaning function to clean the internal soleplate and flush out loose mineral deposits, ensuring clean, long-lasting steaming.


Anti-calcium system

It automatically filters water in the tank to prohibit calcium build-up and both maintain peak performance and increase the lifetime of the iron.

Prevents leaks and spills

The device prevents water leaks when the iron is at a low temperature so there’s no need to worry about stain-causing water droplets falling on clothes.



Whether it is ironing on transfers or preparing fabrics for sewing and construction, crafters make up a group of steam-iron users whose requirements are only slightly divergent from the average consumer.

If you want a much swifter, albeit less precise way to remove wrinkles, check out the Naturalife Steam Iron with LCD Display.

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