Oliso M2Pro Mini Project Iron Reviews
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Oliso Pro Mini Project Iron Reviews [Pink]

If you are someone that regularly travels and find yourself constantly in a situation where your clothes are full of wrinkles then you need a travel iron like the Oliso M2 Pro Mini Project. This mini steam iron is designed to fit into your luggage or bag. So whenever you’re traveling for a business meeting or enjoy a night out in town you will look your best with the help of the Oliso Mini Project Iron Reviews.

The Mini Project Iron comes with all the features of a full size steam iron but only in a compact size. This Oliso model is ideal for sewing and quilting enthusiast. Its small size allows it to fit next to a sewing machine or in a travel bag, making it perfect for on-the-go ironing needs.

Oliso Mini Project Iron ReviewsMini Project Iron

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  • Fabric Selector & One-Press Steam Control
  • Diamond Coated Ceramic Soleplate
  • Precision Tip
  • SoleMate
  • Pivot Cord
  • Universal Voltage & 1000 Watts of Power

Recommended Steam Irons To Choose From

Sunbeam Steammaster Steam IronProfessional Grade 1700W Steam IronT-fal FV4495 Ultraglide Easycord Steam IronRowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron

1400 Watts of power
Large stainless steel nonstick soleplate
Large water tank
3-Way Motion Smart auto-off
Self-clean system

1700-Watts of Power
3-Way shut off system
Axail steam holes
Thick chromium finish soleplate
Perfect for sewers, quilters and crafters.

Ceramic soleplate
1725 W. of power
3-Way auto-off
Hassle free cord
Dual self-cleaning technology
Powerful burst of steam

Stainless steel soleplate with precision tip
400+ Steam holes
Easy control thermostst knob
Automatic 3-way shut off system
Made in Germany
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Indept Review of Oliso Pro Mini Project

Fabric Selector

These steam irons don’t have any shortcomings. Easily select the desired temperature with the fabric selector which is located on the top of the iron. The fabric selector is designed in a way that when your place your hand over the steam iron it will not be of any discomfort when ironing. The manual fabric selector allows for a comfortable switch between fabrics such as synthetics, wool, and cotton. The Oliso M2 Pro Mini also features one-press steam control, which is positioned on the side of the iron for easy access to steam.

Diamond Coated Ceramic Soleplate

While the Oliso TG1600 is manufactured with a durable pro-zone stainless steel soleplate the mini comes with a diamond coated ceramic soleplate. The coated ceramic soleplate has a lower friction which makes it possible to glide over fabrics with ease. Just like its big brother the Oliso TG1600 this mini project steam iron also comes with a precision tip to access tight spaces like in between collars, around buttons and cuffs.


A dual-purpose SoleMate is included with every M2 Pro MiniOliso M2 Pro Mini solemate Project Iron. The silicone trivet is the perfect accessory for travel and storage. The hook and cord tether keep the iron out of the way and neatly kept when not in use. The SoleMate also functions as a safe guard to rest the Mini Project Iron during an ironing project, preventing burns and scorching of fabrics.

Pivot Cord and 1000 Watts of Power

The 8 foot long electrical cord, 180° pivot cord allows for both right and left handed use, all while keeping the cord out of the way. This mini travel iron features a 1000 Watt of power, which is almost as powerful as a traditional steam iron, heating up quickly yet fitting right next to a sewing machine or in a travel bag. The Mini Project Iron also features universal voltage, which can be switch between 120v and 240v, perfect for travel.


Proper Use of the M2 Pro Mini Project Iron

Tip 1: Hand position

To avoid accidental burn injuries, position your hand on top of the iron, keeping your fingers away from the hot soleplate.

Tip 2: Turn temperature to Setting 1 when resting the M2 Pro Mini

When your iron is on idle, make sure the iron temperature is on setting 1 (low temp). Do not attempt to leave your iron with the temperature setting in position 2 (medium temp) or position 3 (high temp) when working on a project. Position 2 and 3 can burn or scorch your garments when the dual purpose Solemate is not attached.

Tip 3: Use the “Resting Side” of you Solemate when resting your iron

The dual purpose Solemate operates as a safe place to rest the mini travel iron and to store the unit away. The “resting side” lets the hot soleplate safely rest every time during ironing and protects fabrics. The “storage side” clicks to the diamond coated ceramic soleplate, for both easy  transportation and storage.



  • 1000 Watts of power – Great amount of power for a small compact travel steam iron. Heats up within 45 seconds.
  • Universal voltage plus 8 Foot, 180° Pivot cord – The voltage can be switch between 120 and 240 v making it ideal for travel while the 8 foot long, 180° pivot cord allows for both right and left handed use, while keeping the cord safely out of your way
  • Every M2 Pro mini iron comes with a Solemate – This accessory allows you to leave your iron in a face down position, while it prevents burning and scorching of your clothing or the ironing board cover. It also doubles for easy, safe storage with built in hook and cord tether. The Mini Iron gets as hot as a big iron! Be sure to leave the iron on the “resting” side of the solemate with the heat setting on one while in standby mode
  • Diamond ceramic coated soleplate – Scratch and rust resistant soleplate maintains even heat distribution while providing an effortlessly glide over all types of fabrics. The precision tip can access tight spots and corners without hassles.
  • Manual fabric selector – For selecting desired temperature for all types of garments.
  • 3 Year warranty – The mini includes a 3-year manufacturer limited warranty.



  • Due to the small size of the iron it can become extremely hot to handle.
  • It does not steam unless you press the steam button.


Final Verdict

Both the Rowenta DA1560 Compact Steam Iron and the Oliso M2 Pro Mini Project Iron comes with similar features which include: a small compact design, dual voltage and 1000 watts of power. While the Oliso is pricier than the DA1560 it features a Solemate with every purchase plus you get a full 3-year manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

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