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Perfect Sleeve Ironing Assistant Review

Do you get stressed out thinking about purchasing a great sleeve board for ironing? Do endless doubts keep creeping into your mind? We understand, because we’ve already gone through the whole process of researching the Perfect Sleeve Ironing Assistant available in the current market.

Perfect Sleeve Ironing Assistant Review
Perfect Sleeve Ironing Assistant

Perfect Sleeve Ironing Assistant for Wrinkle-Free Shirt Sleeves Overview


  • Symmetrical, laser-straight creases
  • Wrinkle-free sleeves in minutes
  • Cuts ironing time in half
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Works with any shirts
  • Includes special magnet holder


Symmetrical, laser-straight creases

An immaculately ironed shirt, especially with excellent symmetrical, laser-straight creases is a thing of beauty. For formal wear, business meetings or special occasions, you want your garments to look like it was pressed by a professional.

Nothing stands out more than badly creased sleeves with blurred, wavy lines that break in the middle, or the ultimate failure- ‘tram lines’ that can be seen from a mile away. So with this ironing assistant you can get perfect sleeves in seconds, every time.


Wrinkle-free sleeves in minutes

Let’s face it; no one really likes the task of ironing. If you ask most people, they will agree that ironing the sleeves of any shirt is a downright hassle. Not only is it time consuming, it is hard to get it perfect.

You’re left flipping and flopping the sleeve over and back to try to get all the creases out, only to find newly created creases.

The Perfect Sleeve Assistant with the Relaible 200IB Oversized Ironing Board makes ironing fun again by enabling you get wrinkle-free sleeves in only seconds.


Cuts ironing time in half

Ironing sleeves (or leg pants) are straight up a chore. You have to iron both sides and, even then, it hardly ever comes out the way you want it to.

With the Perfect Sleeve, you can iron one side and the wrinkles and creases are pressed out of the other side at the same time.

The perfectionist in you might want to go over the other side as well, but it’s not entirely necessary, although doing so would only take a second or two since the sleeve is held taught and ready to iron.


Stainless steel construction

The patented Perfect Sleeve is carefully designed using the highest quality stainless steel to ensure a strong, consistent hold each time so you could iron your sleeves in peace.

Perfect Sleeve Ironing Assistant

The unit was created to last the test of time. A simple wet cloth can clean the unit if it ever accumulates dust or dirt when in use.


Works with any shirt

This product was meticulously designed to work with virtually any shirt out there. Men’s, women’s, and children’s garments are no problem.

Oversize shirts are definitely no problem. This model even works with most pant legs as a bonus, although larger men’s sizes may be a tad big.


Includes special magnet holder

The included magnetic holder not only helps the Perfect Sleeve keep its shape, it can also attach the product to any metal surface (like the ironing board, for example) so its right where you left it last.

Most ironing boards are metallic so the product can be stored away on the board itself.


Are you getting yourself prepared for purchasing an ironing sleeve board and a hideaway ironing board for yourself? Is this purchasing process making your head spin around? If yes, we know exactly how you may be feeling.

So if you are tired of searching for the perfect product for your requirements, you should definitely check out the Perfect Sleeve Ironing Assistant for Wrinkle-Free Shirt Sleeves.

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