Best Proctor Silex Steam Iron 2020
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Proctor Silex Dry and Steam Iron Review

Everyone household requires a clothes iron. No matter if you go to school, college, or work, you like your garments to be crisp and straight. This can be done by spending your hard earned money sending your clothes to a dry cleaner or you could invest in the Proctor Silex Dry and Steam Iron and save on money and travel.

An iron is a household appliance that makes it effortless to iron your laundry optimally, thanks in particular to the lightness of the appliance and the shape of its sole. It is mainly indicated for people with few clothes to iron.

A steam iron is the best kind of iron to purchase. It utilizes steam to do away with the wrinkles and creases in your clothes. And the Best Proctor Silex Dry and Steam Iron doesn’t do any damage to the clothes. It’s swift, easy, and works wonders.

Proctor Silex Dry and Steam Iron
Proctor Silex Dry and Steam Iron

Best Proctor Silex Steam Iron Review


  • Ceramic non-stick soleplate
  • Electric controls
  • Steam, spray and blast
  • Doubles as a vertical steamer
  • Self-cleaning function


Ceramic non-stick soleplate

The DuraGlide ceramic soleplate of this 1600 watt steam iron glides smoothly over materials for fast ironing and is seven times more durable than traditional nonstick.

Ceramic non-stick soleplate

It has an effortless and smooth function. The Proctor Silex Dry and Steam Iron is extremely lightweight and the handle has a soft grip. The soleplate is non-stick and it runs swiftly over the clothes.


Electric controls

There’s no guesswork to selecting the right temperature for the material you’re ironing.

Electric controls

An indicator light lets you know which heat setting is selected like cotton/linen, wool, silk or synthetics, or if the steam iron is powered off.


Steam, spray and blast

You can iron dry or select your level of steam, depending on the type of fabric and how wrinkled it is. The Blast function provides a quick burst of steam when you need it.

Steam, spray and blast

You can use the Spray button to help achieve perfectly crisp creases when pressing a shirt. The iron can generate steam while hydrating and softening the clothes in record time.

In addition, it diminishes wrinkles in a single movement providing immediate pressed quality, which makes your clothes clean and new in no time.


Doubles as a vertical steamer

You can also use the Proctor Silex Steam Iron as a vertical steamer to relax wrinkles in clothes without making direct contact, even while they’re still on the hanger.

Doubles as a vertical steamer

Steaming is excellent for drapes, delicate fabrics or things that are difficult to iron, like ruffles and pleats with a Poctor Silex Steam Iron.


Self-cleaning function

This function helps clean out mineral deposits to keep your iron performing at its best. The self-cleaning system maintains the performance and condition of the iron in perfect conditions.

In addition to being simple and practical to use, the iron is a device that enables you to have total control over the quality of the ironing of your clothes.

Pros & Cons

  • • Soleplate offers superior glide performance
  • • Adjustable functions
  • • Blue indicator light
  • • Superior glide performance is seven times more durable
  • Complaints of water leaking from electric cord



As we get older we get more and more responsibilities. And trying not to look like we’ve just been hit by a whirlwind is one of them, rightly or wrongly. One way to achieve this is by purchasing an iron.

A good iron will banish unwanted creases from your clothes, but a great iron will make this a stress-free and efficient process, and that’s why we think the Proctor Silex Dry and Steam Iron is one of the best on the market.

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