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Proctor Silex Lightweight Steam Iron Review

The Proctor Silex Lightweight Steam Iron 17291R is made from high quality material. The soleplate is scratch resistant, durable, and glides effortlessly over most kinds of fabric. The steam comes out vertically, which lets you hold it directly over the garments.

Before you purchase this lightweight steam iron, it helps to understand the features that make up the iron.

Proctor Silex Lightweight Steam Iron
Proctor Silex Lightweight Steam Iron

Proctor Silex 17291R Steam Iron Review


  • Excellent steam performance
  • Adjustable steam output
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Scratch resistant
  • Tapered tip


Excellent steam performance

The Proctor Silex Lightweight Steam Iron is an efficient, no-nonsense iron with the steam performance you demand.

When you require excellent steam performance for fast and effective ironing, Proctor Silex delivers.

The steam output is really good; it’s not quite as fast as the number 1 steam iron on the market, but its close. It’s still an efficient output for ironing your clothes rapidly.


Adjustable steam output

The steam iron is built for efficiency and is powerful enough to steam away the most stubborn wrinkles, making ironing swift and easy every time.

With powerful steam blast and adjustable temperature settings, you can get out tricky wrinkles with ease.


Compact and lightweight

Unlike the Proctor Silex  Dry and Steam Iron this Proctor Silex 17291R iron is lightweight, yet built to last. Regardless of your lifestyle, this is a compact and functional iron with the powerful steam and features you prefer.

Unlike stainless steel, these have great even heat distribution and also prohibit static, which is perfect when ironing synthetics. They’re also really smooth and have reliable non-stick qualities.


Scratch resistant

The functioning of this steam iron is smooth. The soleplate easily glides over any fabric. It’s scratch resistant and it’s designed to provide you with the best results in steam ironing and straightening the clothes.

Proctor Silex 17291R Durable Iron with Nonstick Soleplate and Adjustable Steam

The Non-Stick Iron Proctor-Silex goes easily over clothes for fast effective ironing and is made for durability, as the iron is fairly scratch resistant and heats up quickly so you can remove wrinkles fast.


Tapered tip

With the Proctor Silex Non-Stick Irons you can swiftly complete your ironing tasks with no fuss. The high-quality soleplate has a tapered tip that makes it effortless to press even the narrowest piece of fabric.

You can even eliminate wrinkles from a variety of clothing with customizable settings for different types of fabric.

Pros & Cons

  • Non-Stick Sole Plate
  • Easy-view water window
  • Fine-mist spray
  • Adjustable Steam
  • On/Off Light Indicator
  • Gets not hot enough
  • Complaints of leaking



A good quality iron can work wonders on wrinkled clothes. Many new models are simpler to use and release enough vapour to smooth dry cotton and linen.

Ironing is not generally a very pleasant task, so a light model like the Best Proctor Silex Lightweight Steam Iron will be much easier to handle and you will tire much less.

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