PurSteam Upright Garment Steamer Review
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PurSteam Upright Garment Steamer Review

The PurSteam Upright Garment Steamer utilizes powerful steam to help you eliminate stubborn wrinkles in your clothing fast. It’s ergonomically designed for you to work standing up, with no requirement to swing around the heavy components as you would with handheld models.

We have reviewed the PurSteam Upright Garment Steamer which is one of the best upright steamer brands for the job in this article, so let’s waste no time in purchasing your perfect fit.

PurSteam Upright Garment Steamer
PurSteam Upright Garment Steamer

PurSteam Professional Garment Steamer Review


  • Powerful and continuous
  • 85 fl oz water tank
  • Burn prevention safety cap
  • Effective and easy steaming


Powerful with continuous steam

They designed it to be the absolutely most powerful and continuous steamer available, even better than some selling for 2 times the price.

They’re design team has worked hard to design a powerful, strong, sturdy, steamer without sacrificing ease of use or versatile functionality.

If you are searching for something to steam heavy duty garments like rugs and thick drapes then you might want to look at this product which is specifically designed for these purposes.


85 fl oz water tank

This Pursteam full sze garment steamer steams continuously for over 60 minutes per tank. When you order your garment steamer, you’re also protected by PurSteam’s money back guarantee and world class customer service.

large water capacity with continuous steam

It has a crease attachment to supply a more finished look, giving structure and creases to you dress shirts, collars, sleeves, plackets, hems; and pants, crease on trousers, hems, and pleats.

It also features clips to help hold other fabrics, children’s clothing, pillow cases or trousers in place.


Burn prevention safety cap

The safety cap prevents opening the water tank when there is hot steam or water inside that can cause skin burns. The handy collapsible/adjustable hanger makes eliminating wrinkles effortless for your wide-shouldered suit jackets as well as small sequined leotards.

The PurSteam Upright Garment Steamer is an attractive option because it has a lot to offer when working with your garments.

In addition to the standard steam head, it features a crease attachment so that you can create a more perfected look for your pleats, collars, and cuffs. Other included attachments make it simple to take care of all the detail work.


Effective and easy steaming

The 4 level steam adjustment on this upright steamer enables you to control high-pressured steam for obtaining optimal results.

features of the Pursteam full size garment steamer

It is suitable for all fabrics and this powerful steamer comes with a deluxe multifunctional hanger, fabric brush, pant press and mini ironing board.

It is completing all your ironing accessories and needs as mentioned above.

Pros & Cons

  • Heats up fast and easy to use
  • Height is adjustable
  • 4 levels of heat and steam
  • Larger capacity water tank
  • You will occasionally get water spots if the hose is bent



With so many garment steamers available on the market today, it can be difficult to select the right one.

When shopping, it’s best to search for a steamer with a lengthy continuous steam time, a high peak temperature, a wide nozzle plus a low overall weight for your convenience. With these four factors checked off, you’re on your way to choosing the best steamer to suit your individual needs.

In this case, the decision is quite forward, and you could make a good case for selecting the PurSteam Upright Garment Steamer. It pumps out some really hot steam for rapid and deep wrinkle removal.

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