Reliable 7000IS Pro Ironing System Review
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Reliable 7000IS Pro Ironing System Review

Clothes make the man so you should take care of them in the best way possible, but a poor iron can damage delicate fabrics or even leave stains on your clothes. That’s exactly where the Reliable 7000IS Pro Ironing System comes in. It can assist you in doing the ironing in a minimum time, and makes the whole process effortless and enjoyable. We have decided to review one of the top ironing systems, so you can take a look and decide if it suits your needs.

When you are in search for the new steam iron you should keep some things in mind and we are trying to help find your right product with the best possible review.

Ironing can get burdensome, especially if you iron clothes for the whole family. Luckily, you can make your life a bit easier if you acquire yourself a high-power Reliable 7000IS steam iron. With 2400W of max power, this steam iron is perfect for smoothening tons of laundry, sparing you more time for other tasks.

This professional iron station is the largest in their line-up of professional steam iron stations. It has become the industry standard for those seeking a high quality, large size ironing station and the 7000IS establishes a new benchmark for features, ease of use, and quality of components.

Reliable 7000IS Pro Ironing System
Reliable 7000IS Pro Ironing System


Reliable 7000IS 2-3/8-Gallon Professional Ironing System Overview


  • 8 hours of continuous steam
  • Automatic shut-off
  • 2-3/8-Gallon capacity
  • 12 gauge wiring
  • Stainless steel steam tank
  • Pressurized steam
  • Quick release


8 Hours of continuous steam

You might think it will take hours to heat up such a large amount of water to the right temperature, but not with this Reliable 7000IS 2-3/8-Gallon Professional Ironing System  . Now you can get to work after around 30-40 minutes of originally filling the appliance.


Automatic shut-off

The automatic shut-off pump switches the machine off if the direct water supply is interrupted and this saves energy and helps to keep the internal elements in top condition.


2-3/8 Gallon capacity

The Reliable 7000IS Pro Ironing System is their largest capacity steam boiler. This boiler can generate large amounts of high-quality steam, boasts a heavy-duty construction and is also small and efficient enough to be stored almost anywhere.


12 Gauge wiring and extra long hose

A pressure gauge is also integrated on the steam iron and it gives you a constant, visual indicator of the internal boiler pressure.

Reliable 7000IS Pro Ironing System with extra long hose

This item ships as a 120V unit so you will have to purchase a transformer if you are traveling to another country since a plug converter is not enough. You will need to have a transformer that steps the voltage down from 220V to 120V.


Stainless steel steam tank

These professional boilers are designed with the best materials, quality, and craftsmanship. The tank is designed of high-grade stainless steel eliminating the chance of rust and contamination of the water supply.

With a 9L Boiler, the large tank enables for up to 8 hours of continuous steaming. The copper element is an excellent conductor and provides even heat dispersion inside the tank.


Pressurized steam

The 7000IS excels at generating quality, dry, pressurized steam. Pressurized steam is the quickest and most effective way of ironing.

It allows the fibers of the fabric to be softened promptly, with the weight and heat of the iron laying the fibers down flat. This creates the crisp and clean finish needed by professionals.


Quick release

The quick release fittings enable for easy removal and reconnectingquick release mechanism of the iron, or other steam accessory. The appliance is supplied with a heat resistant silicone-rubber iron pad to rest the iron on, so the iron can be safely left on the pad for extended periods of time.



  • Emits an adequate amount of steam
  • Heats up swiftly
  • Quick connects
  • 30-40 minute heat up time
  • Carrying handle
  • Silicone iron rest


  • Water level is not transparent



Cleaning clothes is a daily task, and while some situations require sending clothes to dry-cleaners, there are many of those that can be handled at home. To simplify domestic chores, you can make use of a steam iron, a home appliance with a water tank that smoothes creases by releasing steam.

Iron stations look like conventional irons; equipped with water tanks, they pump the liquid into a special chamber where it evaporates turning into steam. The advantage of ironing with steam is that it enables for softening fabric by adding moisture to it and eliminates all unwanted smells.

So compared to regular irons that often dry out clothes, damage them, and often leave prints and markings, this Reliable 7000IS Pro Ironing System takes care of your garments ensuring that they remain in good shape for years to come. And despite being more demanding in terms of maintenance than a simpler iron, purchasing an iron system can be a very good investment in the long run.

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