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Reliable 8000IS Pro Ironing System Review

Many people can be very particular about how their clothes look. They require professional results. Usually, a traditional steam iron may not be good enough for them. After all, there are inherent weaknesses in a garment steamer as it can never give the same level of crispness and smoothness that an iron station can. So, an iron station like the Reliable 8000IS Pro Ironing System is still the better option compared to a steamer in this case.

There is also such a thing called steam generator iron and this might make you rethink if the conventional steam iron is still the best selection. Of course, it depends on what you are looking for in an iron in terms of results, ironing load, size, and ease of utilization. There are pros and cons to each of the appliances and there will be compromises to be made if you pick one over the other.

The Reliable 8000IS Automatic Professional Iron Station is part of a new generation of highly flexibly and is manufactured in Italy. It’s raison d’être, is its ability to go from an external direct water feed to an external water supply with the optional 5L water container and this is done with the turn of a lever inside the unit.

Everything else you expect from a Reliable iron station is included like Ranco pressure control, heavy duty contactor switch, and blow down valve with a 2100IR 32-chamber steam iron.

Reliable 8000IS Pro Ironing System
Reliable 8000IS Pro Ironing System

Reliable 8000IS Automatic Professional Iron Station Overview


  • Pressure gauge
  • Blow down valve
  • Heavy duty adjustable feet
  • Carrying handles
  • 7 inch steam hose
  • Pressurized steam
  • Continuous steam
  • Thermostat reset button
  • Direct water feed


Pressure gauge

A pressure gauge is pretty standard on the 8000IS Steam Station since it gives you a frequent, visual indicator of the internal boiler pressure. A powerful incoloy heating element is included already within the boiler system, and you even get one spare should that need to be replaced, representing great value for money.


Blow down valve

Cleaning the inside of the 8000IS ironing station is an easy task with the supplied blow down valve. The ranco pressure control enables you to easily adjust the pressure of the machine to match the materials you’re working with.


Heavy duty adjustable feet

The Reliable 8000IS Pro Ironing System is provided with commercial grade heavy-duty adjustable feet that allow the unit to be leveled to the working surface.

Due to the adjustable feet, you can control the size of the machine, while also being sure that it is well supported.


Carrying handles

The 8000IS ironing system’s carrying handles are conveniently placed on both sides of the boiler unit to enable safe transport when necessary.


7 inch steam hose

This ironing station with the 7’ steam hose is lightweight, 3.9 lb, comfortable cork handle, and utilizes the same high standard parts that have made it #1 choice iron of professionals.


Pressurized steam

This appliance excels at producing quality, dry, pressurized steam. Pressurized steam is the fastest and most effective way of ironing. It allows the fibers of the fabric to be softened rapidly, with the weight and heat of the iron laying the fibers down flat.


Continuous steam

There’s no more down time waiting for the boiler to re-pressurize as this device is the ideal choice for environments that require large volumes of uninterrupted steam. The professional iron station needs to be connected to a direct water line.

However, this ensures that its steam production is continuous, its capacity is unlimited, and assists you in completing your projects with maximum efficiency and productivity.


Thermostat reset button

The thermostat reset system is the ultimate protection for your investment, automatically shutting-off the heating element when the water is running low.

Ironing is much simpler when you have lots of steam pressure. The 8000IS will give you regular volumes of high-pressure steam ensuring a crisp, clean finish to all pressing tasks.


Direct water feed

All Reliable iron stations also offers continuous steam for an unlimited amount of time when it’s hooked up to a direct water line.



  • Continuous steam
  • Low water light indicator
  • Works quickly and efficiently
  • 20-30 minute heat up time
  • Ranco pressure control
  • 1 Incoloy heating elements


  • 20-amp plug required



With a variety of features and functions, it can get confusing when you want to choose a Best Garment Steamer for your clothes. But the thumb rule is to keep in mind your needs versus the many fancy features the company tries to offer to you.

And no matter how expensive or durable an iron station is, it is also important to maintain some general rules for a longer shelf life of your Reliable 8000IS Pro Ironing System. For example, clean your iron regularly but not too much either and to prevent dripping, don’t overfill the tank and make sure the heat setting and steam setting matches adequately.

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