Reliable Velocity 230IR Steam Iron
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Reliable Velocity 230IR Steam Iron Review

Steam irons will typically work the same way as bog-standard irons. The only advantage of them is that they’re a lot more powerful and, therefore, swifter, easier, and more efficient for ironing large amounts of laundry. Steam irons like the Reliable Velocity 230IR Steam Iron is a great example of such an iron.

Its separation of components will make the Reliable Velocity 230IR Steam Iron great and efficient for large volumes of clothes since it produces far greater volumes of continuous high-pressure steam and, in most cases, stupendously powerful steam boosts for intricate fabrics and heavy creases.

Reliable Velocity 230IR Steam Iron Reliable Velocity 230IR Steam Iron

Reliable Velocity 230IR

Velocity Sensor Steam Iron Review


  • Sensor technology
  • Anodized aluminum soleplate
  • Auto and turbo setting
  • Compact vapor generator
  • Auto-off and bypass


Sensor technology

Let the Velocity 230IR know you’re ready to steam by placing your hand around the handle since that is where the sensor is located. This will automatically start the steam, enabling you to focus on the ironing.

The steam iron is safe for all your garments and fabrics since it features one temperature technology. Its soleplate has evenly distributed heat temperatures resulting in optimal results.


Anodized aluminum soleplate

Gliding smoothly along fabrics, the Reliable Velocity 230IR steam iron has a scratch-resistant soleplate that is superior to ceramic and conventional soleplates.

Anodized aluminum soleplate

The steam iron comes with an aluminum soleplate with a precision tip that will supply you with a smooth gliding across different surfaces of your garments. The Reliable irons gets extremely hot and the steam is generous and continuous. The volume of steam is more than enough to diminish wrinkles in your shirts and jeans without spray starch.


Auto and turbo setting

Thinking of ironing delicates and heavy fabrics in the same load? The Velocity 230IR has an AUTO setting that’s safe for all materials, and a TURBO setting for heavier fabrics that require a little extra heat and steam.

Auto and turbo setting

The Reliable Velocity 230IR has a sizeable water reservoir and the sensor feature, that prevents the iron from continually steaming unless your hand is on the handle, extends its steaming time.


Compact vapor generator

With the patented dual heating element technology, water is heated before it reaches the soleplate, eliminating leaking and spitting.

Compact vapor generator

The iron features a compact vapor generator that has two heating elements and a micro-pump that will heat water rapidly and turn it into steam before it reaches to the soleplate.


Auto-off and bypass

With 8 minute auto-shutoff and the option to bypass, it puts you behind the wheel, or rather, behind the iron. You can step away and come back to a hot steam iron that’s ready to keep going.

The Velocity 230IR does a reasonably good job of pressing out wrinkles, or pressing in creases, as well as challenging materials, like medium to heavy weight stretch cottons that are 98% cotton/2% spandex.

Pros & Cons

  • Micro pump technology
  • Anodized soleplate
  • Eco and turbo temperature settings
  • Turns the irons water into steam
  • No “on /off” button
  • The iron is fairly heavy



Steam irons will offer a quick and best solution to iron out the stubborn fabrics and will even grease out all the dirt on your fabrics.

Using the Reliable Velocity 230IR Steam Iron is simple and effortless, and, in most cases, one will not need to have an expert to have things done properly.

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