Reliable Velocity Steam Iron Review
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Reliable Velocity Steam Iron Review

Have you ever thought why your clothes have a neat, smooth and crisp finish when they come back from professional laundromats?  The secret lies behind their heavy steam irons which make use of. The high heat of the steam smooth out wrinkles and creases and give sharp distinctive pleads to trousers and skirts. Reliable steam Irons like the Reliable Velocity Steam Iron are one of those irons in the Reliable Steam Iron range that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

If you’re in the majority, you probably find irons heavy, troublesome and annoying – especially with their undersized water tanks. So what’s a person to do? Introducing the Reliable Velocity 260IR Steam Iron, a large-capacity, high-power steam iron that generates steady steam and removes even the most stubborn of wrinkles with ease.

Traditional irons are prone to leaking and spitting, that’s why the Velocity irons utilize a patented 2-heating element and micro-pump technology that pre-heats the water and turns it into steam before it reaches the soleplate. Velocity irons provides you with perfect constant steam at even the lowest temperatures yet 100% safe for all fabrics.

Reliable Velocity 260IR Steam Iron OverviewReliable Velocity 260IR Steam Iron
Reliable Velocity 260IR Steam Iron



  • Sensor technology
  • Digital dial
  • Anodized aluminum soleplate
  • Bypass auto shut-off
  • Audible warning
  • Micro-pump technology


Sensor technology

This Continuous Steam Steam Iron will respond to your touch. Simply placing your hand on the sensor activates the stream of steam and emits a powerful and steady flow.

This is an advanced home iron that can take care of the toughest creases while being gentle on delicate fabrics with its exceptional features. It also features a sensor steam handle and patented built-in steam generator.


Digital dial

With 8 settings to suit a range of materials, the Reliable Velocity 260IR Steam Iron sets the accurate temperatures and steam volume for your clothes. From silk to denim, you can expect excellent wrinkle removal.


Anodized aluminum soleplate

This device soleplate is scratch-resistant, easy gliding and definitely made to last. This soleplate goes through an anodization process, providing it with an extra layer of protection.

Anodized aluminum soleplate

The anodization process that the soleplate goes through during manufacturing makes sure of even better protection for the soleplate.


Bypass auto shut-off

While auto shutoff is a great safety feature, it can be inconvenient for large volume ironing. Simply bypass the auto shutoff feature to keep your iron hot.

There is a toggle on the steam iron that enables you to easily turn off the auto-shutoff feature. We believe that this is quite necessary for when you need to do some bulk ironing.


Audible warning

No more guessing when your steam iron has heated to your desired temperature – the Velocity 260IR will give you an audible warning when it’s ready. So, go ahead and step away for a few minutes without worrying. This is probably one of the neatest features that the Reliable VELOCITY 260IR Steam Iron had to offer.

The iron gives off a warning alert any time it had heats up to your desired temperature. This is very useful for when you need to step away from ironing to do other things without having to worry.


Micro-pump technology

While traditional irons are prone to leaking and spitting, the Micro-pump technologyVelocity iron has a patented 2-heating element and micro-pump technology that pre-heats the water and turns it into steam before it reaches the soleplate.

This particular steam iron will give you perfect constant steam at even the lowest temperatures, yet are 100% safe for all fabrics.



  • Auto shut-off with bypass
  • Anodized aluminum soleplate
  • 8’2″ electrical cord
  • Digital dial with 8 settings
  • Dual heating with pump
  • Sensor touch technology
  • 360° swivel cord


Does not have a spray function



A good steam iron can assist you in getting through your ironing in record time, and makes it effortless to remove even stubborn creases. Purchase the wrong one, though, and it may be no better – perhaps even worse – at banishing wrinkles than a conventional iron. Many steam irons come with tons of different features, making it potentially tricky to purchase one.

As with selecting most appliances, steam irons present a huge amount of features for you to select from. However, armed with the knowledge contained in this review we’re sure you’ll be able to narrow your options down quite well. So the next time you unload your washing machine and are faced with creases and wrinkles a steam iron could be just what you’re searching for.

If you’re tired of pressing your clothes with an ineffectual iron, spending hours turning and rotating garments, and fighting with stubborn wrinkles—you require a steam iron.

They will cost a bit more than a regular iron but purchasing one is an investment, and your return is more free time to enjoy life. (As a bonus, if you happen to love ironing, a good steam iron will make it that much more pleasant.) We hope our Reliable Velocity 260IR Steam Iron review has helped; thanks for reading.

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