Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Station Review

Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Station Review

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Having a steam station like the Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Station in your home or workshop can be one of the best investments you can make, but it comes at a cost. Yes, if you have some available funds and want to upgrade your existing iron then nothing beats this model.

Even if you don’t own a professional dry cleaning business you can still benefit from it, in terms of saving on those extra expenses in the long run by having not to send your clothes to the dry cleaners.  But is this steam station worth the investment? You’ll find out in this Rowenta DG8520 Review.


Rowenta Perfect Steam Station DG8520 Review – The Features

Rowenta DG8520 Review


The features of the Rowenta Perfect Steam Station include:

  • 1800-watt of bursting power
  • 5.2 bars of pure steam pressure
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Precision tip
  • Eco-mode
  • Safety feature
  • Vertical steam
  • Anti-scale
  • 47-ounce removable water tank
  • Size: 17.7″ x 13.6″ x 11″

Safety Lock

The safety lock feature provides the user with additional safety while the perfect steam station is in use and it also makes the product easier to carry and store.

Precise Tip

This model relies on its precision tip to reach areas that are difficult to navigate like around buttons and in between collars. A burst of steam gets also spread out from the tip making ironing effortless in those hard to reach places.

Increased Heat-up Time

With the Rowenta Perfect Steam Iron DG8520, you can expect a heat-up time in just 3 minutes, decreasing your ironing time dramatically. This is all due to the 1800 watts of power that this model can generate.

Eco Setting

Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide that’s been released into the atmosphere by the activities of an individual or machine. This is why Rowenta manufactured this unit with an eco-friendly setting to help reduce the carbon footprint produced by this model. The DG8520 can save the operator up to 20% of heat energy and automatically reduce their energy bills. Another motivation made possible by Rowenta to consider this top of the line steam station.

Calc-Away System

Like the Rowenta DW5080 that we’ve reviewed in our previous Rowenta perfect steam station reviewpost, the Rowenta DG8520 also features a calc-away system that can help to prolong the lifespan of the steam iron. With the DG8520 there are few simple steps to do. You will notice a small light at the back of the iron station and when this light goes on; this will indicate that it is time for the user to remove the calc-away system.

You will just have to unscrew the collector, place it underwater, rinse it, screw it back on and you are ready for another round of ironing.


Ironing for long periods of time can be quite tedious, and there’s nothing worse than a heavy iron that’s making you lose motivation and making your arm hurt. A lightweight steam iron like the Rowenta DG8520 is the perfect apparatus – its lightweight easy to use and portable. These features make this model perfect for steaming clothes, linen and even curtains that hang on the wall.

Professional Results

We all want to look and feel like a beautiful; this is where the Rowenta Steam Station can give you the edge whenever you decide to spend the night at a classy event or getting ready for a job interview.  When your clothes got stubborn creases or wrinkles in hard to reach places, the Steam Station DG8520 is sure to reach them all. Why take your clothes to the dry cleaners and spend all the extra costs when you can get a professional result in the comfort of your home?

Stainless Steel Soleplate

The stainless steel soleplate on the Rowenta Steam Station DG8520 is manufactured with 400 holes which will allow you to have a smooth and efficient ironing experience.


Should You Invest in the Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Station?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Rowenta DG8520 Steam Station


  1. More than enough steam – This is the reason why most professional dry cleaners buy a steam generator iron and so could you. You need enough steam but you also want to control it upon release. The DG8520 does not fall flat in this feature. The steam output is high enough to easily penetrate any fabric to erase wrinkles quickly and efficiently.
  2. Makes ironing jobs a breeze – The stainless steel soleplate glides smoothly and combined with the steam output, you can fast track your ironing task.
  3. Lightweight – The iron is lightweight which makes it less tedious on the arm especially when ironing for long periods of time. This is all thanks to the base station. Water is stored in the base station rather than inside the unit itself, the weight is dramatically reduced when you iron.
  4. Removable tank – The water tank is removable for easy filling when needed which is convenient and realistic.
  5. No auto shut-off – The Rowenta DG850 is a steam generator iron specially manufactured for quilters and sewers because it doesn’t have an auto shut-off feature. While regular homeowners might prefer the iron to have an auto-off feature when it is left unused, people who are into steam ironing like professional semesters would normally want their iron to be warm for use each time they pick it up. The Rowenta DG8520 is perfect for this group of users.


  1. Expensive – Even the DW9280 Steam Force costs far less than half the price of the steam station reviewed in this post. Even though we cannot compare a regular iron with a steam generator iron but the price is certainly high for the regular home user since it might just break the bank.

Our verdict

Should you own a lot of expensive clothing like suits that require dry cleaning, you’re cutting down on dry cleaning costs since this steam station can keep your clothing fresher for longer. With that said, you can probably find other steam generator iron or even a traditional steam iron that perform just as well without breaking the bank.

Even though the Rowenta DG8520 perfect steam iron is a pretty expensive investment, its performance and quality are worth every penny for hardcore ironers.

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