Rowenta DV 8613 2020 Review
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Rowenta DV8613 Hand-Held Fabric Steamer Review

Getting ready for an event becomes a hassle when you get an invitation at the eleventh hour. Particularly, ironing becomes a very arduous task. It becomes an even more complex task if you don’t have horizontal space in your small flat. For such situations, a fabric steamer like the Rowenta DV8613 is a simple solution. It makes your clothes wrinkle-free instantaneously. You can utilize it on different types of clothes.

Working with an iron takes up much time if there are lots of creases on your dress. On the contrary, a clothes steamer has your clothes looking creaseless within a few seconds.

It doesn’t only work as a steamer, but also sanitizes your garments. A steamer makes your garments free from dust mites, germs and bad odors. A handheld fabric steamer works on curtains, draperies, clothes, wedding dresses, suits, sweaters and bed sheets.

In short, a fabric steamer is a multi-purpose device that works efficiently and effectively to make your clothes odorless and creaseless. You can even carry this lightweight gadget while traveling.

Now, if we’re talking about multi-purpose, lightweight gadgets, the Rowenta DV8613 might fit all your requirements since it doesn’t consume high power. The ceramic soleplate heats up immediately and the steam holes pour even steam on the cloth.

Other features include a kickstand for safe cooling, a hanging hook, and garment-care accessories. From swift everyday touch-ups to important business trips, the Rowenta Press & Steam 2-in-1 steam iron and garment steamer makes a great selection.

Rowenta DV8613 Review
Rowenta DV8613 Review


  • Iron or steam.
  • Compact and powerful.
  • Adjustable steam option.
  • Removable water tank.

Iron or Steam – way you want

Thanks to its heated soleplate and its 3 temperature settings that adapt to any kind of fabric, you get the benefits of an iron with the convenience of a handheld steamer. This compact-sized 2-in-1 fabric steamer can also be utilized as an iron. You can use it as an iron to rapidly remove wrinkles from clothing or as a vertical garment steamer to gently remove wrinkles from more delicate fabrics and curtains. The 800-watt steam iron’s fast-heating ceramic soleplate consists of steam holes for effective wrinkle-removing steam.

Compact & powerful

It features a space-saving compact design; 800 watts of power; fast-heating ceramic soleplate with steam holes for smooth snag-free gliding and effective steam. It weighs only 2.7 oz and convenient in portability. As the name suggests, it’s ideal for traveling.

rowenta DV8613 Review

You can utilize this lightweight fabric steamer to remove wrinkles from curtains, draperies, and suits. It’s excellent for all kinds of fabric. You can utilize this multipurpose fabric steamer as a humidifier and hairdryer too. It has a multiple-hole flow system which ensures a leakage-free water flow and also comes with multiple heat levels to use.

Adjustable steam option

The soleplate’s 3 adjustable temperature settings adapt to different kinds of fabric, from the most durable to most delicate. Ergonomic steam trigger for prolonged bursts of on-demand steam. You can control the output of automatic steam by turning the variable-steam knob to align with the corresponding fabric setting. The Press & Steam produces up to 15 minutes of steam before requiring a refill and a simple press of the steam trigger enables on-demand steam.

Removable water tank

The removable 2.5 Oz. water tank allows for 15 minutes of continuous steam and also works with regular tap water (no need for distilled); water inlet for effortless refills. Essential steaming accessories like lint pad, brush and filling cup are included with it. This Rowenta DV8613 hand held fabric steamer can help accelerate that process and eliminate extra trips to the faucet for refills. It also features a large water tank that’ll keep pumping longer than other models.



  • Water tank capacity 70 ml.
  • Heated soleplate and its 3 adjustable temperature settings.
  • Adapt to any kind of fabric.
  • Space-saving compact Size.
  • 900 Watts of power.
  • Fast-heating ceramic soleplate with steam holes.
  • Water tank allows for 15 minutes of continuous steam.


  • Some customers have complained that this model produces little to no steam.



There are lots of garment steamers in the market from various brands. It can be a confusing situation for you to choose the right one for the right purpose. With the Rowenta handheld fabric steamer you get to utilize it as a fabric steamer when you have no time or necessity to bring out the ironing board. You can utilize the steamer for touch-ups and lightly wrinkled clothes.

If you need a lot to steam, you should be considering an upright garment steamer like the PurSteam Heavy Duty Garment Steamer which is more powerful with a high amount of steam output. So we definitely suggest purchasing this Rowenta DV8613 handheld fabric steamer for light to moderate use for an excellent steaming experience.

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