Rowenta DW2171 Access Steam Iron Reviews

Rowenta DW2171 Access Steam Iron Reviews

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We all want to look like a million bucks when going out. And the best way to achieve it is through neatly ironed clothes. Too iron clothes you will need a steam iron that can do the job efficiently within the shortest period time possible. There are few steam irons on the market that can achieve the level of perfection that you desire and one of those steam irons is the Rowenta DW2171 Access Steam Iron.

The DW2171 Access steam 1600-Watt Iron by Rowenta has been manufactured to combine ease and efficiency at an affordable price. This model has been designed to automatically adjust the temperature and steam according to the fabric type you use. What’s also notable on the DW2171 Access Steam Iron is the 300-microhole stainless-steel soleplate combined with a precision steam tip to get into those hard to reach places while the vertical steam function removes wrinkles from hanging linen and garments.

There is obviously more to this model but to find out about all the benefits we’ve compiled a short review on the Rowenta DW2171 Access Steam Iron.

Rowenta DW2171 Access Steam Iron Reviews
Rowenta DW2171 Access Steam Iron Reviews


  • Perfect steam distribution
  • Powerful steam
  • Simple fabric selection
  • Anti-drip system
  • 3-way auto-off
  • Anti-calc and self-cleaning system


Rowenta DW2171 Access Steam Iron Review

Perfect steam distribution

With perfect steam distribution, you get more done in less time and effort. Rowenta has improved the standard in the steam distribution for irons and that is why the company is known for products to make ironing hassle-free.

Standing apart from most of the irons on the market, the DW2171 features a Micro steam 300 stainless steel soleplate which glides seamlessly over all fabrics while providing a superior steam distribution which reaches deep into the fabric. And this is all thanks to its 300 steam holes. Its high-precision tip with steam holes makes it easy to access hard to reach places like between buttons and across pleads.


Powerful steam

While other Rowenta models like the Rowenta DW9280 come with a higher watt (1800) output the difference between the two models is insignificant. With just a 200 watt difference you can get the same ironing quality it a lower price.

The Dw2171 can generate 1600-Watt of power which provides a long-lasting and powerful burst of steam to easily blast away stubborn wrinkles and creases. This makes this model also efficient to steam hanging clothes and drapes.


Simple fabric selection

To speed up your ironing choirs the DW2171 atomically determines the appropriate amount of steam output and temperature level for each type of garment. This feature gives you the advantage to perform your ironing duties much faster.

Anti-drip system

A steam iron produces steam at a high rate and before the steam is produced the water can start to drip. This can happen if the iron is not producing a high amount of watt output at the fastest rate possible. This model generates 1600 watts of power at a very short time span to boil the water in the tank to prevent it from spitting and leaking before you start to iron.


3-Way auto-off

The 3-way auto-off feature has been introduced into all major Rowenta models. This safety feature puts your mind at ease, especially when ironing with kids around. This feature only reduces the risk of siblings getting burned so it is, therefore, your duty to always store the iron in a safe place whenever you are finished with your ironing duties.

The Rowenta DW2171 Access Steam Iron automatically switches off after 8 minutes if not in used or left vertical and 30 seconds if left unattended in its footrest. When left in a horizontal position it can still burn or scorch your clothing.


Anti-calc and self-cleaning system

The anti-calc and self-cleaning feature prolong the lifespan of the unit. This method involves flushing out impurities and calc particulars to maximize your ironing performance.



  • Micro steam stainless-steel soleplate with unique 300 micro holes for perfect steam distribution.
  • Precision tip reaches to access difficult areas like seams, collars and between buttons.
  • Auto-Steam thermostat that automatically determines the best setting of temperature and steam output for each type of fabric.
  • Vertical steam easily removes creases from hanging clothes and drapes.
  • The built-in Anti-Calc system removes impurities, ensuring long-lasting, clean steam.
  • Anti Drip system to prevent water leakage when the iron has not reached its optimal temperature.
  • Auto shut down after 8 minutes if left vertical, after 30 seconds, if left horizontal or tipped over.
  • Self-cleaning system to prolong the life span of the iron.
  • 8.45-oz. capacity water tank.
  • 1600-Watt



  • The water tank is a bit small and therefore you will take regular trips to the tap should you use the steam function frequently.
  • The black water tank makes it difficult to check water levels.


Final verdict

This review of the Rowenta DW2171 Access Steam Iron includes all the necessary information about an iron that will fulfill your every need. The price tag of this unit is not too expensive and while you get all the features of a high priced steam iron.


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