Rowenta DW3180 Steamcare Iron Reviews

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Honestly, nothing beats starting the week with clean wrinkle-free clothes. This can only be done with two things, a washing machine, and a steam iron. To make ironing even more easily, how about a Rowenta DW3180 Steamcare Iron. This model is all about setting the limits in ironing without the manual dial setting. Yes, Rowenta DW3180 Steamcare auto-adjusts the heat for all fabrics. No more guesswork on your part. Leave that to the experts.

In this short but in-depth post, we will have a look at the ins and out, the pros and the cons, plus features of the Rowenta DW3180 Steamcare Iron. Why you need one to complete your ironing experience with ease.

Rowenta DW3180 Steamcare Iron Review

Rowenta DW3180 Steamcare Iron Reviews
Rowenta DW3180 Steamcare Iron Review



  • Steam iron with one smart temperature
  • Micro stream with 350 soleplate
  • 1600 watts of power
  • 45 oz water tank
  • Sleek contemporary design
  • 3 way-auto off function


Smart Temperature control

The smart temperature control is engineered to take out the guesswork from your daily ironing tasks when working with different sorts of fabrics like wool, cotton, denim or linen. No more setting needed thanks to the one smart temperature technology. This steam iron automatically sets the optimal temperature to iron out wrinkles and protect all your clothes from burning.


350 Holes soleplate

The DW3180 Steamcare Iron is engineered with a patented Microsteam350 stainless-steel soleplate which provides 350 fully activated steam holes for even steam distribution. The stainless steel soleplate also provides a smoother glide over any material.

Vertical Steaming

Steamcare steam iron’s auto-steam setting produces the perfect amount of steam for the task at hand, and its steam-burst (100-gram/min) and fine-mist-spray options put manual steam at your fingertips and offer a reliable defense against extra-difficult creases. It works excellent for your hanging garments and drapes as well.


Easy Fill Water Tank

The Steamcare iron comes with a powerful 1600W steam power output and a strong steam burst for optimal ironing results. Excellent for vertical steaming for clothes and drapes in a hanging position.



The design is not breathtaking but also not too shabby. There are fewer buttons and fixtures throughout the housing of this model, making it simpler to use. The dark blue color is a nice contribution to the overall design and should fit any décor seamlessly. The overall weight is just about 3.38 pounds making it light enough for ironers to iron longer periods of time without getting hand fatigue.


3 Way-auto off

Safety is a big concern with most appliances but with the Rowenta models, this issue is dramatical decreases. The Rowenta DW3180 Steamforce iron boasts with a 3 way-auto off safety feature. This feature kicks in after 8 minutes of leaving the iron unattended in a vertical position and auto-switch off in 30 seconds in a horizontal position or when accidentally tipped over.


What Make Rowenta Steam Irons Better?

– Steam: Rowenta provides its consumers with unique steam distribution across the entire 300 / 350 / 400 holes soleplate for better steam penetration and more efficient ironing.

– Heat: Rowenta soleplates are manufactured with a thick central core of aluminum that ensures quick and even heats distribution across the entire soleplate, no hot spots!

– Glide: Rowenta soleplates are engineered from the highest quality stainless steel components to allow for a smoother glide across all fabrics and reduce ironing efforts.

– Water: Rowenta irons are designed to use regular untreated tap water without spitting or leaking.



  • Smart temperature control
  • Precision tip
  • 3 Way-auto off
  • Vertical steaming
  • Easy to fill the water tank
  • Inexpensive



  • Heat settings take a while to get maximum results
  • Not too effective to iron out creases


Final verdict

Experience excellent results and easier ironing with the Rowenta Steamcare DW3180 iron. Instead of a manual thermostat dial, this innovative iron has one smart temperature function that adapts to the materials in question. Just plug it in and iron: no more fear of burning your expensive clothing!

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