Rowenta DW3261 Advanced Steam Iron Reviews

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When it comes to clothes, just the brand of it doesn’t matter. Even if they are not from high-end brands or are older, if managed properly can make you look lovely. The most important step of managing or organising our clothes is ironing them. For that, your iron should be really good or you will end up messing the cloth more. One of the best irons that we would like to suggest is Rowenta DW3261 Advanced Steam Iron. Here are some more details related to it.

The company, Rowenta was founded in 1909 in Germany, which is more than 100 years ago. The first product that was launched from this company was an iron and it was the year 1912. From then, till now, the company is into this field of innovation and manufacturing. The company first manufactured simple iron with minimal features. After that, the innovation was added to further inventions. Today this company is one of the leading companies in this field. It is because of such experience and great work that this popularity is there.

This iron too comes from the house of Rowenta and has some cool features. If you compare it from other irons of this range, then you could not find such features anywhere else. Here are its features in detail to get a better idea of the product.

Rowenta DW3261 Advanced Steam Iron
Rowenta DW3261 Advanced Steam Iron

Features of Rowenta Advanced Steam Iron

  • 360 holes in total

When it comes to a good iron, these holes matter a lot. This iron comes with a unique technology that is patented and is called Micro steam 380 soleplate technology. The 380 holes that are there in this product make your ironing session easier and comfortable in Stainless Steel Soleplate, 380-Holecomparison to the other products of this range. These holes together provide more steam. Thus, better coverage could be achieved while ironing clothes.

  • Highly durable

This steam iron is covered with stainless steel all around. This is meant for extra protection and also for making the product highly durable. Along with that, the product comes with an anti-calcium system. This makes the performance of the product better and long-lasting. One can also see the difference in the ironing results after comparing it with the other steam irons like the Rowenta DW3180 Steamcare or even the Rowenta DW2090 Cord Reel Iron. All of that is just because of this system.

  • Good steaming makes ironing easy

It becomes very difficult to iron long or very wide clothes if the steam of the iron is not good. This iron has a vertical steaming system in it, which makes the ironing easy and comfortable. Having said that, it is also easy to remove the creases of suits, curtains, and other such long garments.

  • The auto shut mode is a savior

You must have heard as how irons burn clothes that are dear to people. Well, this never is the fault of iron, as people leave their iron and just forget. However, even if you are doing so, in this case, your clothes won’t burn. This iron comes with a safety auto-off mode. If you have left it and the switch is still on, it will shut down automatically. The shutting downtime, when left on the heels is 8 minutes and when on the plate is 30 seconds. This system not just prevents the risk of burning, but also saves energy.

  • Comfortable refilling

The iron comes with a refilling system. It is lashed with a water level window and a very effortless opening. These two things make refilling very comfortable. For the extra convenience, you can simply fill tap water in your iron.

Precision tips for extra smoothening

In almost every cloth there are certain points that you find hard to iron, no matter which iron you are using. Two of these places could be seams and collars. This iron has a precision tip that can make this easy for you. Thus, you can also iron the points that are hard to reach and difficult to smoothen.

  • Very powerful

The Rowenta DW3261 Advanced Steam Iron comes with a power of 1752 watts, which is huge. This iron has a very unique system of steam diffusion and steam boost. The rate is 180g per minute. When all of this happens together, the ironing results that happen are just exceptional.

  • Saves time

This iron comes with a technology called Perfect temp technology and this technology is meant specially for saving your time while ironing. With this technology being there in your iron, you don’t need to set or sort before starting. The construction of the iron is done in a multi-layered manner. The manufacturers have made this sure that the soleplate should have this temperature that is good for the fabric that you are going to iron. It seems that the makers of this iron already know what the customers want from them and thus they have worked accordingly.



  • Comes with perfect temp technology
  • No settings or sorting required before ironing
  • Comes with automatic shut off feature
  • Very powerful and saves time
  • Highly durable and great performance
  • Comes with a vertical and effortless streaming system
  • Easy access is possible due to the precision tip
  • Contains Micro steam 380 soleplate technology



  • Not apt for traveling
  • The heating system needs some modifications
  • It might not work for all fabric


Final verdict

After the discussion of all the points and features related to the Rowenta DW3261 Advanced Steam Iron, it is time to decide whether is good enough to buy or not. Well, if you will take a look at the list of pros and cons, then the former one will have more points. This suggests that it has more advantages than disadvantages. Even the disadvantages that are mentioned are not worth considering. In other words, we could say that, if you are trying to get an iron for someone really bad at it, this should be your pick. However, if you want something that should be travel-friendly also, then there is a need for giving it a second thought.

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