Rowenta Pro Master Xcel DW8270 Steam Iron Review
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Rowenta Pro Master Xcel DW8270 Steam Iron Review

There are many things you have to keep in mind when selecting an iron. A qualitative surface, steaming features, an auto shut-off function – these are just few features to keep in mind. We studied plenty of products, customer and expert reviews, ratings, and features to put together this review of the Rowenta Pro Master Xcel DW8270 Steam Iron and make it simpler for you to decide if it’s worth your hard earned money.

Rowenta is one of the most respected and popular brands in the market; it is almost true to say that you can never go wrong with a Rowenta iron. However, it is not every iron that performs better than average.

The Rowenta DW8270 Pro Master Steam Iron is one of the Best Rowenta Irons that you must consider before making your purchase.

Rowenta Pro Master Xcel DW8270 Steam Iron
Rowenta Pro Master Xcel DW8270 Steam Iron

Rowenta DW8270 Pro Master Steam Iron Overview


  • Provides a high-tech design
  • Auto steam
  • 3-way auto shut off
  • Stainless steel 400-hole plate
  • Precision tip on the soleplate


Provides a high-tech design

The Rowenta Pro Master Xcel DW8270 Steam Iron is considered one of the best irons and has earned its spot as one of the top irons available.

This affordable all-in-one iron is the perfect option for around the house everyday use. It has multiple features and provides a high-tech design while still being energy and user-friendly.

This is a steam iron designed to achieve great results through the generation of steam at high pressure.


Auto steam

This Excel steam iron from Rowenta comes with auto steam which matches the temperature of the soleplate with steam production. At higher temperatures, more steam is generated and at lower temperatures, less steam is produced.

This helps the iron to be more efficient and effective because it produces steam according to need and therefore conserves water.


3-Way auto shut off

A 3-way auto shut off also offers you the peace of mind of knowing your iron will shut off if ever left unattended. Some of the other great features include vertical steaming, and cool spray mist.

Precision tip and 3 way auto-off

When left in a horizontal position or laying over, the iron shuts down after 30 seconds and it also shuts off after 8 minutes when sitting upright in a vertical position.

Stainless steel 400-hole plate

The stainless steel 400-hole plate offers constant high-powered steam at the touch of a trigger for the fastest and cost effective ironing.

Stainless steel 400-hole plate

It has even steam distribution and smooth, effortless gliding across different garments as well as a high precision tip for difficult to reach areas such as buttonholes, collars, around zippers, and any other tight areas.


Precision tip on the soleplate

The soleplate is designed from stainless steel. Though ceramic is superior in some ways, stainless steel is still great material as it retains heat and is highly durable.

It is also effortless to clean and maintain. The precision tip on the soleplate enables easier reach into pleats and seams and other difficult areas.

This German made iron has been designed especially for the requirements of designers and tailors. However, it has won the hearts of many consumers who are not professionals.

Pros & Cons

  • Even steam distribution
  • High precision tip for hard to reach areas
  • High precision spray
  • Large water tank with transparent window
  • Anti-drip prevents spitting
  • Handle may be too closely located to sprayer



Making an investment in the Rowenta Pro Master Xcel DW8270 Steam Iron should lead to a top-quality product providing plenty of functions. We hope the information we shared will help you select your very best Rowenta iron. Now you can consider all the key features and select the one, depending on your specific needs.

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