Rowenta Pro Steam Iron 1750 Watts Review
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Rowenta Pro Steam Iron 1750 Watts Review

Whether you have an expensive wardrobe or a modest one it’s inevitable that it will have pieces that are prone to wrinkling and creasing.  You’ll want to be sure to have the best iron handy when you absolutely have to look your best. To achieve looking like a million dollars you will need a Rowenta Pro Steam Iron 1750 Watts to achieve your goal.

To take some of the grind out of looking for your next iron we’ve provided a review of the best steam iron on the market today.

Whether your clothes are designed from pure cotton denim or are examples of the most delicate fabrics, you’ll find something that will match your budget and your wardrobe.

The Rowenta Pro Steam Iron 1750 Watts Iron is a great iron for home use. It has a precision tip to help you get into areas like collars and seams, an ergonomic trigger for both right- and left-hand utilization and a built-in anti-calcium system to remove impurities and increase its lifespan.

Rowenta Pro Steam Iron 1750 Watts
Rowenta Pro Steam Iron 1750 Watts

Rowenta Professional 1750-Watts Steam Iron Overview


  • High precision tip
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Anti-calcium system
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Powerful steam burst
  • Safety auto-off


High precision tip

High precision profiled tip for excellent ironing results down to the last detail. Easy access to difficult areas such as narrow edges seams and collars.

Other highlights of this steam iron include its uniquely shaped tip, which is perfect for getting in between buttons, and adjustable steam and temperature settings.


Stainless steel soleplate

The high quality stainless steel soleplate makes sure of durable rowenta 400 steam holes stainless steel soleplateperformance and glideability. It has a large stainless steel soleplate that pushes wrinkles out rapidly and smooth seams out better than many of the cheaper irons on the market.


Anti-calcium system

The integrated anti-calcium system prohibits scale from gathering in the iron and maintains steam performance and ironing results over time.

One of the most basic features of Rowenta steam irons is the ability to emit a fine spray of water from its reservoir.  This enables you to target specific problem areas on the clothing, and is essential for dry cotton ironing.


Ergonomic grip

The ergonomic grip offers a comfortable ironing experience. The iron also features a self-cleaning system that eliminates any loose mineral deposits. It also has an excellent ergonomic design and the handle make it the best of its class.


Powerful steam burst

The Rowenta Pro Steam Iron 1750 Watts has a powerful steam boost to perfectly crease out stubborn wrinkles specifically on dry and thick fabrics, with help of the spray if necessary.

The automatic steam level can be regulated with a dial and you can also do a burst of steam with the button. So, yes, the steam can be regulated fairly easily.


Safety auto-off

This household appliance is automatically put on standby mode when left unattended and it also has a dedicated OFF switch that provides the user with peace of mind and prevents them from having to worry if their iron is really off.

3 way auto off feature

The last safety feature found on this product is an automatic shutoff which shuts the iron down when its left on its side or soleplate longer than 30-seconds or when its left for 8-minutes on its heel.



  • High precision profiled tip
  • High quality stainless steel soleplate
  • Integrated anti-calcium system
  • Powerful steam boost
  • Ergonomic grip


  • Inadequate steam button design
  • Complaints of iron leaking


Although some people tend to go for a steam iron that is on offer assuming they are getting great value, if it doesn’t tick the above boxes, it is not going to make ironing as effortless as it should. The Rowenta Pro Steam Iron 1750 Watts Iron can be used on fabrics that are difficult to iron, such as a screen-printed shirt or a suit jacket.

It is also effective in smoothing out sleeves, pleats and ruffles in garments. So, when you know what to look for, you tend to get more out of a steam iron, including a longer life span.

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