Rowenta Steam Pro Professional Iron 1800 Watt Review
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Rowenta Steam Pro Professional Iron 1800 Watt Review

Searching for a professional steam iron that will follow you on your ironing journey and make the most out of your garments? If yes, we have the perfect unit for you. It is ideal for DIY crafters and fashion enthusiasts thanks to the easy-to-view, ergonomic thermostat knob, and amazing performance and this is none other than the Rowenta Steam Pro Professional Iron 1800 Watt.

Rowenta Steam Pro Professional Iron 1800 Watt Review
Rowenta Steam Pro Professional Iron 1800 Watt Review

Rowenta 1800 Watt Ateam Iron Overview


  • 1800 watts
  • Auto-Steam feature
  • Sharp precision tip
  • Patented Microsteam stainless-steel
  • 400 microholes


1800 Watts

Rowenta’s steam irons provides you with superb steam capabilities that will make you forget how hard it is to get stubborn wrinkles out of your fabrics.

It works with different types of home linens and clothes. What make this iron special are the great steam distribution, efficient ironing, and stainless steel soleplate that enable effortless gliding onto garments.


Auto-steam feature

This 1800 watt steam iron features a new ergonomic thermostat knob with a precise reading of the settings and it has a crystal tank with graduation lines for a precise water level indication.

Rowenta Steam Pro Professional Iron 1800 Watt Review

This unit provides professional-looking results because it is specially created for professionals who iron often so removing wrinkles has never been easier thanks to the adjustable and effortless to use steam settings.


Sharp precision tip

This Rowenta Steam Pro Professional Iron makes steaming and pressing a joy you will look forward to every time you see a pile of clothes.

It is fairly effortless to use thanks to great features such as precision tip for hard-to-reach spots.

This iron also provides impressive steam capabilities along with enhanced features, including a sharper precision tip and easy-read ergonomic controls as mentioned above.


Patented Microsteam stainless-steel

In addition to a modernized overall design, the new Rowenta Steam Pro iron has been enhanced in the key areas needing maximum control and ultimate precision and we recommend this unit because it requires tap water and do not leak or spit water like other products.

stainless steel soleplate with 400 steam holes

It is also ideal for removing stubborn wrinkles in hard-to-rich places especially buttons and cuffs thanks to the precision tip.


400 Microholes

Thanks to the 400 steam holes, this workhorse offers several minutes of continuous steam. It has a control thermostat knob and needs tap water.

With just one press of a button it can transform into a steam wonder that will help every professional and regular user remove wrinkles with ease in record time even in the most difficult places.

Pros & Cons

  • Great for hard-to-reach areas
  • Precise reading of settings
  • Ergonomic design
  • Anti-drip
  • No cord management system
  • Water tank not transparent



If you see ironing as a boring task, that is about to end with the Rowenta Steam Pro Professional Iron 1800 watt. It provides professional-looking results at home and removes all kinds of stubborn and hard-to-reach wrinkles.

You will absolutely love this device because of the swift heating time & efficient ironing outcome. If you require an ironing unit that lasts, this model by Rowenta is the ideal selection for you.

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