SereneLife 1400W Dummy Press for Shirts and Blouses
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SereneLife 1400W Dummy Press Review

Steaming, a traditional method of diminishing wrinkles can leave unwanted spots of water and drips. The SereneLife 1400W Dummy Press for Shirts and Blouses makes use hot air technology to dry, steam and iron your clothes in a matter of minutes.

It is mainly designed for shirts, blouses, T-shirts, vests, jackets and other garments, which can be accommodated by the specific torso design of the product.

SereneLife 1400W Dummy Press Review
SereneLife 1400W Dummy Press

Best Dummy T-Shirt Press Overview


  • Automatically dry and irons clothes
  • Suitable for all garments
  • Time-saving design
  • 1400 watt safety heater
  • Adjustable temperature


Automatically dry and irons clothes

This dummy t-shirt press automatically dries and irons your clothes in one step. Simply put the wet clothes on the ironer, switch it on and let it work for you and the product needs about 8-15 minutes per piece (depending on the fabric).

Adjustable temperature

Fabrics such as cashmere, silk, satin or wool requires special attention because of their tendency to be warped or shrunk.

The SereneLife 1400W Dummy Press for Shirts and Blouses provides an alternative so that you can have complete control over how these fabrics are dealt with and they can have longevity.


Suitable for all garments

For almost all outer garments like Shirts, blouses, T-shirts & dry suitable sweaters, this machine is ideal for your daily routine especially when you want to iron your garments without any hassle.

The product folds down and the inflatable bag decompresses, losing all air, which detaches from the machine itself. This makes it effortless to tuck away in any closet or space that you may have.

Time-saving design

This ironing aid saves time and money and is significantly gentler than tumble dryer and your classic iron. This is a time-saving helper for modern everyday life so you can have no more stress and no more ironing.

SereneLife 1400 Watt Machine built n timer

You can definitely save so much money on dry-cleaning bills for suits and shirts with this iron machine shirt butler steamer machine by SereneLife.

This steamer machine heat release automatically dries and irons your garments effortlessly.


1400 Watt safety heater

After the wash, the garments are simply pulled over a balloon body filled with air through a 1400 watt safety heater. The washed shirt is smoothed and ready for the cupboard directly after utilization.

The Steamfast A600-027 Steam Press Stand and the Upgraded Garment Steamer Ironing Gloves Mitt is usually purchased together to complete the whole set.

1400 Watt safety heater

The timer is directly in the center of the machine, which makes it straightforward and effortless to configure. It may take a bit of time to become familiar with the timer and it might be best to start with smaller time increments and work your way up.


Adjustable temperature

Thanks to temperatures of up to 65 ° C, Easy-Dry technology and the breathable ABS + nylon material, all moisture from shirts, blouses, and T-shirts is eliminated within a few minutes.

Dry cleaners can charge excessive fees for just one single item of clothing and if you have multiple clothing items the cost can add up rapidly.

The proper treatment of your clothing will safeguard the quality of your clothes so that you will not have high turnover in your closet.

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect for your daily routine
  • Easy to utilize
  • Breathable ABS + nylon material
  • Temperatures of up to 65 ° C
  • May be a bit loud



Ironing can be time-consuming especially if you have many garments to work with which need to be pressed.

The flexibility of having a personal machine like the SereneLife 1400W Dummy Press for Shirts and Blouses providing dry cleaner results is that you do not need to worry about finding time to pick up your garments.

Never having to leave your home is a perk of these products as it is efficient and straightforward to utilize, and you won’t have to struggle with it for results.

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