Silver Star Gravity Feed Steam Iron
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Silver Star ES-85 Gravity Feed Steam Iron Review

The Silver Star ES-85 Gravity Feed Steam Iron only has steam holes at the front of the appliance. Steaming should be done slightly above the fabric, just before pressing strokes with a then dry soleplate which also helps to get rid of moisture. Steam is only needed to relax the fibers before pressing dry.

If you steam at the same time while utilizing pressing strokes, it will add too much moisture to the fabric and cool the iron soleplate down. Gravity feed irons do not have continuous steam boilers, so steaming should be done intermittently between pressing strokes, not consistently.

That way the iron soleplate and steam chamber does not have a chance to cool down and spit out condensation. So if you are in the market of purchasing a new iron you should definitely check out the Silver Star ES-85 Gravity Feed Steam Iron.

Silver Star ES-85 Gravity Feed Steam Iron ReviewSilver Star ES-85 Gravity Feed Steam Iron

Silver Star ES-85 Gravity Feed Steam Iron Review


  • 110 voltage power
  • Self-contained ironing system
  • Separate water storage
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in sheathed wire heater


110 Voltage power

This gravity feed steam iron runs on 110 volt electric and is a complete set with a non-stick laminate shoe, new style in-line water demineralizer, water bottle, hose, iron rest and a radiant vision LED flashlight which requires batteries that are not included.

For professional use, you will require this machine that stays hot and ready for the hours you work.


Self-contained ironing system

Silver Star ES-85 is a self-contained ironing system so you can make your own steam without a boiler utilizing a water bottle suspended above your working surface.

This steam makes the largest impact on de-wrinkling clothes and this also minimizes the risk of damage to fabrics because the amount of exposure to a hot soleplate is drastically decreased.


Separate water storage

It functions similarly to a household iron but has the separate water storage for longer amounts of pressing and is a heavier professional style iron.

Silver Star Demineralizer

The machine has a large water tank that, as the name implies, and utilizes gravity to feed into the iron. This means you will have to suspend the water reservoir and feeding hose above your work station.


Easy to use

The Silver Star ES-85 Gravity Feed Iron effortlessly opens seams, flattens darts, sets pleats instantly, gives sharper creases and more. The Silver Star Gravity Feed Irons is extremely energy efficient and simple to maintain.

The easy-grip iron has a temperature setting for all fabrics so you will have to adjust the dial based on the material you’re working with.


Built-in sheathed wire heater

Also, the built-in sheathed wire heater improves thermal efficiency and shortens heating time. The machine will take up a fair amount of space. The gravity feed iron will require a dedicated area to avoid the inconvenience of moving it too much.

Of course, moving it is not a problem, but being that they are heavier than a standard iron, a dedicated spot in a studio or laundry room will be perfect.



The Silver Star ES-85 Gravity Feed Steam Iron will no doubt change the way you iron. Despite it being unique in its own ways, it will remove the drudgery on ironing and ultimately minimize the amount of time you spend de-wrinkling clothes.

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