Silver Star Gravity Feed Steam Iron
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Silver Star Gravity Feed Steam Iron ES-90 Review

If you’re handling large volumes of ironing or need an iron to be on all day while you work, then a heavy-duty option like the Silver Star Gravity Feed Steam Iron is absolutely the only solution.

A gravity feed iron is a staple in most design studios, couture houses as well as tailor shops. Unlike a standard home iron, the Silver Star ES-90 Gravity Feed Steam Iron a large water capacity that is suspended from a hook above the ironing board. This enables you to press for a long time between refills.

Silver Star ES-90 Gravity Feed Steam Iron
Silver Star ES-90 Gravity Feed Steam Iron

Best Silver Star Gravity Feed Steam Iron Review


  • Ergonomic designed
  • Instant steam flow
  • Stainless steel
  • Demineralizer
  • Magic non-stick shoe


Ergonomic designed

The ergonomically designed rubber handle for slip-proof grip will keep hands cool and comfortable.

The Silver Star ES-90 Gravity Feed Steam Iron boasts an ergonomic and safety conscious design by virtue of a soft-touch steam switch that is conveniently combined into the comfortable urethane handle.

A rotary heat dial is easily accessible and adjustable, as well as a heat shield between the handle and heated area for added protection.


Instant steam flow

You can activate the steam flow instantly with the touch of a button. Also, the built-in sheathed wire heater enhances thermal efficiency, shortens heating time, and thus provides good economy.

This simple system offers a reliable and affordable ironing solution in any laundry without compromising on a professional finish.


Stainless steel

This is a stainless steel on hard anodized aluminum base for superior pressing surface durability. The specially treated (TPR) rubber handle keeps hands cool and prohibits slipping.



The demineralizer is included to help filter water and prevent mineral clogging in water tank and hose. The bottom of the bottle has a round mesh filter (in red color) to prevent the demineralizer granules from passing through the water valve, hose, solenoid and iron steam chamber.

Silver Star Demineralizer

You will require a bit of space to set it up. If you have a sewing studio or laundry area, it will be a welcome convenience when you require the hot iron to be ready.

This commercial steam iron system is not complicated to setup, just make sure you have a solid ironing station that can handle the weight of the ironing system.


Magic non-stick shoe

Magic Non-stick Shoe enables you to kiss your press cloths, wrong side pressing, low temp settings, and all the slow, tedious, time-consuming ways that prevent unwanted shine goodbye.

non stick shoe

The weight actually helps press out any creases and wrinkles without you having to add additional pressure.

When not in utilization, the hot iron can also rest on a silicone pad designed to withstand the direct heat of the soleplate.



In a nutshell, the Silver Star ES-90 Gravity Feed Steam Iron is no everyday iron. It’s a heavy-duty industrial ironing setup that generates continuous steam and allows you to work for hours without pause. This is for anyone who has large volumes of ironing and requires a powerful, professional system.

This machine is not only for commercial ironing. If you have a home sewing studio or a large family where ironing is a regular and voluminous event, then you too can benefit from the time saving and convenience of this durable, time-saving appliance.

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