Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master Professional Iron Review
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Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master Professional Iron Review

Get yourself a crisp tailored look with the highly efficient Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master Professional Iron. With a steam iron like the Sunbeam Turbo Steam, your ironing time can be cut in half while experiencing professional results.

Outdated steam irons have seen major overhauls during the last 10 years. Steam irons like the Sunbeam Aero Ceramic Digital Iron and the Rowenta Advanced Steam Iron come with features like a burst of steam, auto-off function and lots more. The Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master Iron is no exception. This model manufactured by the house of Sunbeam is considered one of the best multi-functional steam irons among its peers.


Overview of Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master Professional Iron

Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master Professional Iron ReviewSunbeam Turbo Steam Master Professional Iron Review


  • 1500 Watts of power
  • Precision tip
  • Powerful shot of steam
  • Vertical shot of steam
  • Extra-large stainless steel soleplate
  • 3-Way motion auto-off
  • Extra-long 10-foot / 360-degree swivel cord
  • No leaks / no mess


1500 Watts of power

On average, a traditional home steam iron can produce a significant watt of power of up to 1800 watts. Thus, the more power it can produce the faster it warms up and the hotter it gets. The Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master falls into this bracket.

With 1500 watts of power this multi-functional steam iron not only heats up very quickly but also produces steam at a very fast rate, thus the name Turbo Steam Master Professional.


Precision tip

According to professional seamstresses, it is important for a steam iron to be able to navigate tight spaces without any hassle. Precision tips can be found in almost all modern steam irons like the Rowenta DW9250 and the Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence. The Turbo Steam Master doesn’t lack the precision tip feature. You can now easily iron out those stubborn wrinkles between buttons and access hard to reach spaces like collars and cuffs.


Powerful shot of steam

Steamers like the Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Station produce a powerful shot of steam, thus the name Steam Station. They are commonly used by professional seamstresses and laundries but it is very expensive. The Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master is much cheaper and can produce almost the same amount of steam, penetrating deep into any type of fabric, softening the threats to make it easier to iron out wrinkles.


Vertical shot of steam

Vertical shot of steam is useful to steam out wrinkles on hanging garments and drapes. It will also help you cut down on time setting up an ironing board and save you much-needed floor space when you are living in a small apartment where floor space is limited.


Extra-large stainless steel soleplate

The bigger the better. In some cases, this statement is not true but stainless steel soleplate with precision tipwith the Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master Professional Iron this statement makes good sense. Combining the extra-large stainless steel soleplate with the hundreds of steam holes you appreciate the perfect glide on all types of fabrics while distributing even heat across the surface.


3-Way motion auto-off

For safety, this model (Sunbeam Steam Master Professional) automatically shuts down after 15 minutes of inactivity on its heel and 20 seconds on the soleplate or tipped over.


Extra-long 10-foot / 360-degree swivel cord.

The Sunbeam Steam Master is engineered with an extra-long 10-foot electric cord to provide you with the freedom to move around the ironing board without any distraction.

The cord has also a 360-degree swivel mechanism built into it to comfortably rotate the iron in different directions for a pleasurable ironing experience.

360 degree swivel cord


No leaks / No mess

The name of this steam iron has significant (Turbo Steam Master Professional). This is because of all the combined features built into this model. It produces a lot of steam at a very quick rate which reduces the possibility of leaks from the soleplate.



  • Variable steam control
  • 1500 Watt of power
  • Large water tank and anti-drip system
  • 3-Way motion smart auto-off
  • Anti-calc and self-cleaning system
  • The 10-foot long swivel cord
  • Comfort handle



  • Bigger than the average size steam iron
  • Heavy when the tank is full of water



Sunbeam is a household name and this is because of the company’s exceptional steam irons. With the Turbo Steam Master Professional, you get the best of both, a good steamer plus ironer. This all-round Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master Professional Iron produces exceptional ironing results of a top of the line steam iron, just cheaper.

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