Rowenta DW5080 Steam Iron

The Rowenta DW5080 Steam Iron Review

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The Rowenta DW5080 exceeds the expectations of many popular brands and lives up to the promise of the Rowenta brand “High performance for your well being.” Even though it does not have the looks of the Rowenta Steam Force DW9280 which is slightly more expensive, it carries a sleek contemporary look with an aesthetically appealing design. The ergonomic handle looks and feels comfortable to hold and incorporates easy to read ergonomic controls.


The thermostat comes with accurate reading settings for 5 common fabrics namely: nylon, silk, wool, cotton, and linen. Furthermore, you’ll find a well-placed steam control lever at the top with a steam jet and spray mist button that can easily be reached when needed.

Rowenta DW5080 Review

Rowenta DW5080 Review

You’ll instantly notice its enhanced precision tip that will easily reach tight spots like collars cuffs and cuffs. This model is purely manufactured in Germany so you can expect quality as their main selling point, unlike most other brands that are made in China but cost almost the same amount as the Rowenta DW5080.


Features of the Rowenta DW5080

  1. Stainless steel soleplate with precision tip
  2. 1700 watts of power
  3. 400 + micro steam holes
  4. 3 Way automatic shut off system
  5. 10 oz Translucent water tank
  6. Anti-calc feature
  7. Vertical steaming
  8. Self-cleaning system
  9. Anti-drip lid


Stainless steel soleplate with precision tip

The Rowenta DW5080 is manufactured with a strong and long-Rowenta DW5080 Steam Iron precision tiplasting sole plate which is made of highly polished stainless steel. Unlike most expensive steam irons which soleplate is made from ceramic, you can expect that the stainless can be just as effective and durable. Stainless steel is rust and scratch resistant and can remain shiny year after year.

The Rowenta Focus DW5080 has the perfect glidabilty on any material and therefore less pressure is required in ironing. The Focus DW5080 also includes an aluminum core which helps distribute heat evenly across the soleplate.


The soleplate for the Rowenta DW5080 is manufactured with 400 steam holes which are evenly distributed along the surface of the plate. This patented technology is only available for Rowenta, which means no other competitor has the license to manufacture a steam iron using the same technology. The more the steam iron is able to release, the easier it removes creases. Even its predecessor the Rowenta DW2070 with 300 micro holes is just as effective. You can count on an excellent performance with a lower price tag in all categories when choosing the Rowenta Focus DW5080.


1700 Watts of power

Even though wattage is not the only contribution to a steam iron we can safely say that with a maximum of 1700 watt output the Rowenta DW5080 heats up very quickly and produce more steam than other models on the market. Saving you time and electrical costs.


Self-cleaning feature and Anticalc system

When choosing your Rowenta you can expect a self-cleaning feature that helps prevent deposit build-up to ensure the prolonged lifespan of your newly bought steam iron. Deposits usually accumulate from the use of hard water and over time can block the chamber which can then prevent the burst of steam. Hard water usually contains chemicals like calcium and magnesium. In addition to the self-cleaning feature, the burst of steam also helps to prevent blockage in the soleplate’s holes which in return provides the ironer with a smooth ironing task.


3-way auto-off

Even though this is a widely used feature even among most steam irons, we can safely say that the Rowenta brand has incorporated this safety feature in all of its models. This unit comes with a 3-way auto-off feature that will help you set your mind at ease especially with children around.  Whenever you’ve forgotten to switch the unit off in an upright position the auto-off feature snaps in within 8 minutes of inactivity. When left on its base or accidentally tipped over, it automatically shuts off in 30 seconds. Just a reminder that stored heat even when the auto-off feature is turned on and left in a horizontal position can still scorch your garments.


10 oz water tank

This model comes with a large 10 oz water tank and easy refill system. It has a clearly marked level indicator that shows the user when the maximum water level has been reached. Even though it comes with a 10 oz water tank water drains much faster because of the patented 400 holes soleplate which let out more steam than a 300 holes soleplate with the same oz of water tank. You can safely use tap water with the Rowenta DW5080.


Burst of steam

To make ironing easy on hard to reach places a burst of steam is focused at the tip of the soleplate to remove stubborn wrinkles from even difficult clothing. It also makes it easier to work with stubborn creases that do not flatten down easily. This burst of steam can also be used in cleaning the iron for more effectively.


Vertical steam

Vertical steam ensures that you can remove creases even on hanging garments and linen on the walls.

Looking to invest in a Rowenta DW5080 Focus Steam Iron?

The Pros:

  1. It is affordable and effective. It comes with 400 micro holes which allow it to produce a lot of steam to remove stubborn creases quickly and effectively. It also gloats a powerful 100g/min burst of pure steam.
  2. It is manufactured in Germany giving you peace of mind in the category of durability.
  3. Unique precision tip allowing the user to reach tight spots on garments.
  4. It comes with a quality anti-drip system and a 3-way auto-off feature.
  5. It comes with ergonomic easy to grip handle for smooth ironing.


The Cons:

  1. It weighs 3.4 lbs when empty and much heavier when the water tank is filled with water. Most users complain of the weight, especially when ironing long periods of time.
  2. Even though it has a 10 oz tank, the steam quickly drains the water and therefore requires a frequent refill.



The Rowenta DW5080 is a quality steam iron and efficient in most categories featured in this review therefore it can be considered as one of the best steam iron models in the market. Consider all your options and when you decide on a Rowenta DW5080 steam iron you can happily start ironing with a burst of steam.

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